About Us
About Us

Making Ordinary Products Extraordinary

As post-frame construction continues to grow in popularity across the Midwest, few contractors and equipment suppliers are doing anything different to innovate. Too often, post-frame contractors subscribe to the idea of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” While this might work for some things, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be improving an already strong and cost-effective construction method. Hence, Anthem Built began producing our exceptional post-frame products and components!

Dedicated To Innovation

Anthem Built is a family-owned and operated building supply company based in Illinois, dedicated to preserving and restoring existing buildings and providing innovative products that improve and strengthen new buildings. We are committed to improving the construction experience for builders and the building quality for their customers.

Our products and systems are the result of more than 35 years of real-world contractor experience, combined with purposeful innovation. We are builders, helping other builders and building owners. With decades of experience in construction and manufacturing, the team at Anthem Built delivers proprietary solutions to help builders save time, reduce errors, and increase structure quality.

About Us

The Anthem

Anthem Built’s mission is to be the obvious and only choice when it comes to repairing, restoring, re-purposing, or building a post-frame structure. We create innovative products in the post-frame building industry that streamline the building and repair processes while also improving safety, quality and appearance. Anthem Built delivers top-quality products on time and provides opportunities for everyone in the post-frame industry to enhance their businesses and quality of life.

About Us

We Work
Directly With

At Anthem Built, we strive to get our products into the hands of as many contractors as possible! As such, we’re always looking to partner with new installers interested in using our line of post-frame products. We offer detailed instructions for properly installing our unique
post-frame components and ensure our products are always available at an affordable price. Additionally, with new products always in the works, our installers get to try them out first! If you are interested in becoming an installer for Anthem Built products, fill out our online form.

About Us

Committed To Excellence

Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

We promote sustainable manufacturing practices, ensuring proper waste management, reduced carbon emissions, and a safe work environment.

Dedicated Support

Do you have questions or concerns over one of our post-frame products? Installers can contact Anthem Built directly, with knowledgeable support representatives always available to help.

Made in the USA

All parts, components and materials for our products are sourced locally and are 100% manufactured in the USA!

Patented & Quality Tested

Our patented products undergo rigorous quality testing to guarantee their durability and effectiveness.

Community Focused

While Anthem Built’s products are available to partnered installers across the US, we are committed to our community, giving back to local organizations and creating employment opportunities throughout Illinois.

Perfect Your Post-frame Construction With Help From Anthem Built

To elevate your business’s post-frame construction methods to new heights, an investment in Anthem’s exceptional post-frame products is the answer. For questions about Anthem Built, our products, or what it takes to become an installer, contact us at 309-463-2777. Allow Anthem Built to help turn your post-frame products from ordinary to extraordinary by calling today!