Grade Boards

Grade Boards

  • Exceptional Quality Materials – Unlike standard grade boards made from wood products, Anthem’s Grade Boards are produced using corrugated, 14-gauge galvanized steel and roll formed with tongue and groove built into the design.
  • Resistance – Our Grade Boards are 100% termite-proof and resistant to moisture. As such, our Grade Boards help protect your structure’s foundation and column bases from rot and deterioration.
  • Strength – If concerned about the structural integrity of your post-frame building, count on Grade Boards to provide extra strength and stability to your structure’s base.
  • Visually Appealing – Anthem Built’s Grade Board system fits seamlessly together, ensuring a clear appearance with no visible fasteners on the exterior face.
  • Straight and True – There’s no having to worry about rot or warping with steel Grade Boards. Our boards always stay straight and true, further reinforcing the integrity of your structure.
  • Versatile – Our Grade Boards are available in lengths up to 24′. We include unique board corners and connectors that can fit your Grade Board system around your building’s perimeter easily with no special tools required.


Whether you are looking for a solution for protecting your post-frame structure’s base or want to implement proper protections during initial construction, Anthem Built has you covered! Our patented, galvanized steel Grade Boards are the perfect way to protect your structure’s base and columns.

The Galvanized Grade Board provides a permanent, high-strength repair for buildings with decay at the perimeter. Like wood columns, the wood grade board will also decay and rot. This is a critical area of strength for post-frame buildings, being so close to your structure’s base.

Or, by incorporating our Grade Boards at the beginning of post-frame construction, you avoid the issues typically associated with wood grade boards entirely.

Thanks to our Galvanized Grade Boards, contractors don’t need to be concerned over termite infestations or excessive moisture impacting their structure’s foundation. Additionally, our Grade Board helps reinforce the base of your columns, improving the overall integrity and longevity of your building.

Contractors also love Anthem Built’s Grade Boards due to their aesthetic appeal and installation ease. Our boards are straight and true, available in lengths up to 24′. Additionally, Grade Board systems include corners and connectors for seamless installation around your building’s perimeter. Best of all, our Grade Boards don’t require special installation tools! Once in place, your boards provide a clean appearance with no visible fasteners on the exterior face.

If you are interested in Galvanized Grade Boards for your next post-frame construction or foundation replacement job, find an Anthem Built installer near you! Or, if looking to become an installer for Anthem Built’s post-frame products, call 309-463-2777.