Repair Sleeves

Repair Sleeves

  • Long-Lasting – Repair Sleeves provide long-lasting and effective repairs without replacing rotted column portions.
  • High-Quality Materials – Constructed with corrugated, 10-gauge galvanized steel, Repair Sleeves strengthen columns and support the structure’s frame.
  • Expertly Designed – Column Repair Sleeves include built-in uplift anchors, utilizing the building’s original uplift components and solidifying its base.
  • Added Protection – Repair Sleeves help correct column settlement issues and prevent moisture from reaching the wood, further reducing future deterioration.
  • Versatile – Anthem Built offers a wide range of sizes and dimensions of Repair Sleeves to work with different types of columns.
  • Quick Repair Service – Installation is simple, requiring minimal labor and little to no excavation.
  • Affordable – Reduced labor and materials cost less than other wood column repair methods.


Post-frame column repair has never been easier than with Anthem Built’s patented Column Repair Sleeves! Our Repair Sleeves are revolutionizing how contractors and property owners manage wood rot in post-frame columns.

Outside of complete replacement and some preventative techniques, little can be done to stop wood rot once it has begun. Repair Sleeves are unique, allowing for long-lasting, effective repairs without cutting out or replacing rotted column portions.

The Column Repair Sleeve is constructed using corrugated, 10-gauge galvanized steel, giving columns the strength they need to support your structure’s frame reliably. Our Repair Sleeve design also features built-in uplift anchors, perfect for utilizing your building’s original uplift components and further solidifying its base.

By affixing a Repair Sleeve to your compromised columns, the rotted portion of wood is completely reinforced, strengthening your frame and correcting column settlement issues. Separating the wood from soil with impenetrable galvanized steel prevents moisture from reaching the wood, thus stopping further deterioration.

If you are concerned about whether Column Repair Sleeves are compatible with your post-frame structure, don’t fret! Anthem Built offers all sizes and dimensions of Repair Sleeves, able to work with almost any column, including solid, laminated, and round poles. Best of all, our Repair Sleeves are quick and simple to install, requiring minimal labor and little to no excavation.

If interested in Column Repair Sleeves, contractors and property owners can find additional installation tools and kits to purchase through Anthem Built! Installation instructions and videos for our Column Repair Sleeves and other post-frame products are available on our website.