Column Covers

Column Covers

  • Increased Longevity – Combined with their repair sleeve counterparts, column covers ensure highly effective and long-lasting repair of your cracked and rotting wood columns.
  • Exceptional Materials – Made from corrugated, 10-gauge galvanized steel, column covers help strengthen the compromised section of your columns by a significant margin.
  • Smartly Designed – Our column covers fit seamlessly with our repair sleeves, allowing for the complete repair/restoration of wood columns for any post-frame structure.
  • Reinforced Strength – Column covers further strengthen your wood columns, ensuring grade boards, fasteners and other components can be securely attached to your columns.
  • Increased Protection – Column covers cover the exterior face of a column not covered by a repair sleeve. As such, the vulnerable portion of your column is wholly encapsulated, protecting it from moisture and further rot.


Are you seeking a more affordable and less time-consuming alternative to standard post-frame column replacement or repair? Consider the advantages of Anthem Built’s Repair Sleeves, matched with our durable and long-lasting Column Covers!

Once wood rot begins for your post-frame structure’s columns, there’s not much that can be done to stop it. However, rather than completely removing your columns, sometimes requiring extensive excavation and contracting, the rotted portion of a column can be affixed with a Repair Sleeve and Column Cover.

The Column Cover is produced with corrugated, 10-gauge galvanized steel, providing greater strength and durability than your columns previously had. The Column Cover also reinforces your columns, allowing for secure and reliable attachment of grade boards, connectors and other components.

Worried whether your columns are too large or too small to work with Anthem Built’s Column Covers? Don’t be! Anthem Built manufactures all sizes and dimensions of our products, able to cover the exterior face of your column completely. Furthermore, our Column Covers are easy to install and can be securely affixed to any column with a Repair Sleeve attached.

If you are interested in Column Covers for your next post-frame repair job, contractors and property owners can find expert installers through Anthem Built! Otherwise, if you wish to become an installer for Column Covers and Anthem Built’s additional post-frame products, call 309-463-2777 today.