Repair Sockets

Repair Sockets

  • Simple Usage – Rather than having to pull columns out and repour concrete for new columns, Repair Sockets anchor your column to a concrete floor/foundation, helping contractors avoid complete column replacement.
  • Increased Longevity – In addition to Repair Sleeves, Repair Sockets help secure your column, ensuring it stays in place for years to come.
  • High-Quality Metal – Each socket is made from corrugated, 10-gauge galvanized steel, further adding to the strength and durability Repair Sockets provide.
  • Quick to Install – Alongside all other components of your Column Repair Sleeve, Repair Sockets are quick and easy to install as long as your concrete floor is suitable and stable.
  • Versatile – Our Repair Sockets, alongside all our column repair products, work with a wide range of column sizes and dimensions.


Forget about costly, time-consuming wood column replacement for your post-frame structure. Instead, contractors ought to consider the benefits of Anthem Built’s column repair products, including our Repair Sockets!

Understandably, as wood columns deteriorate, so too does the stability of your structure. In conjunction with Anthem Built’s Repair Sleeves and Column Covers, our Repair Sockets help strengthen and secure your compromised wood columns. As the Repair Sleeve and Column Cover protect and reinforce the rotted section of a column, our Repair Sockets anchor columns to the concrete floor/foundation.

Our Repair Sockets are made using corrugated, 10-gauge galvanized steel, increasing the connection strength between your columns and a structure’s foundation. Additionally, using Repair Sockets saves contractors time, money and labor, as they can avoid breaking concrete to install a new column or Repair Sleeve.

If you are interested in Anthem Built’s Repair Sockets and our complete offering of column repair products, you’re in luck! Our Repair Sockets are incredibly versatile and can work with any post-frame structure with a stable concrete floor. Additionally, our Repair Sockets are easy to install and securely fit onto any column with a Repair Sleeve attached.

If you are interested in Repair Sockets for your next post-frame repair job, you can find an expert installer through Anthem Built! Or, if you wish to become an installer for Anthem Built’s line of post-frame products, contact us today at 309-463-2777.