Become an Installer

Do You Wish to Install Anthem Built Products?

You’re not alone! Countless contractors throughout the Midwest are looking for new, innovative ways to manage post-frame construction, repair and maintenance. With Anthem Built’s high-quality line of post-frame products and our Column Repair System, contractors can transform their construction methods to be faster, more reliable, safer, and longer-lasting. However, not just anyone can install Anthem Built products; you must first become a certified installer!

Become an Installer

The Post-Frame Industry is Evolving

Not much has changed with post-frame construction and structures since the 1950s. Anthem Built is looking to change this! With our unique products, we are transforming the way contractors can build and maintain their large industrial, commercial and agricultural structures. You, too, can be at the cutting edge of innovation in column care and repair when implementing Anthem Built’s high-quality post-frame building supplies. All it takes is training and certification from Anthem Built and our expert, certified contractors.

Why Become an Anthem Built Installer?

Outside of the ability to install Anthem Built products, there are many great benefits to becoming an Anthem Built installer! As such, when you work with Anthem Built as one of our certified contractors, you look forward to:

  • The ability to provide a valuable service that’s in high demand.
  • Added revenue and services to your existing construction business.
  • Direct product pricing from the manufacturers (that’s us!).
  • Top-quality products made in the American Midwest.
  • Low start-up investment.
  • Access to our exclusive products, systems and tools.
  • Certification and training with our expert crews.
  • Continuous manufacturer support.
  • Protected areas of operation.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Marketing assistance and leads for service.
Become an Installer

How Can You Get Started?

Once you fill out our online form and answer a few questions about your current construction business, Anthem Built will contact you to discuss the logistics of training and what’s required of new contractors. Before long, your company’s crews will have all the tools, knowledge, and experience they need to install Anthem Built products effortlessly. Fill out the form below to get started:

    Call Today

    If you have more questions about the process for becoming an Anthem Built installer, contact us today at 309-463-2777. Or, if you wish to learn more about the innovative, high-quality components Anthem Built produces for column repair, foundation replacement and post-frame construction, check out our product pages!