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Find Innovative, High-Quality Post-Frame Building Supplies in Illinois

Because post-frame structures are strong, versatile, and can be built almost anywhere, contractors and property owners throughout the Midwest are choosing this construction method more and more. Needless to say, for those investing in post-frame construction, the speed and quality of a structure are always top of mind. With the right post-frame building supplies in Illinois, post-frame construction is more than simple; it’s innovative! Call the Anthem Built team today to see the types of products we create for exceptional post-frame services.

A column with a grade board affixed to it, part of Anthem Built's Post-Frame Building Supplies in Illinois

Examples of Anthem Built Products

Anthem Built’s post-frame products are unique, improving on many of the parts and components widely used in the post-frame industry. More than just new construction, our products can be utilized for various post-frame services. Whether repairing wood columns or protecting your foundation, we have precisely what your project needs.

  • Column Repair Sleeves – When wood rot impacts your wood columns, one of the only solutions is column replacement. Or, at least column replacement USED to be one of the only solutions. Effective and long-lasting column repairs can now be implemented using Anthem Built’s Repair Sleeves. Our sleeves are versatile, able to fit all sizes and dimensions of columns, protecting and reinforcing rotted portions.
  • Column Covers – For the portion of your column not covered by our Repair Sleeves, we offer Column Covers to complete the encapsulation of a wood post. Our Column Covers help further reinforce a weakened column due to wood rot. Additionally, column covers keep moisture and insects away from wood, ensuring wood rot can’t continue to develop or spread.
  • Repair Sockets – In addition to protecting against and preventing wood rot in post-frame columns, our products help secure columns in place where concrete foundations exist. Using our Repair Sockets, wood columns can be anchored to your concrete base without pulling columns out or repouring concrete. Repair Sockets are quick and easy to install with our other column repair products.
  • Galvanized Grade Boards – Grade boards are commonly installed along the perimeter base of a structure, helping protect its foundation from moisture and settlement. However, grade boards are commonly made from wood, making them less strong and resistant. Conversely, Anthem Built produces grade boards made from galvanized steel, providing greater protection for your foundation.
A new structure using Post-Frame Building Supplies in Illinois from Anthem Built

Anthem Built’s Mission

At Anthem Built, we strive to turn ordinary into extraordinary with our line of exceptional post-frame building supplies in Illinois. To achieve this goal, our products are all designed with quality and convenience in mind. Our post-frame components aim to improve the quality of construction, increase safety for builders, and reduce time until project completion. While the rest of the post-frame community is comfortable using the same materials with the same components and designs for every job, Anthem Built believes post-frame construction ought to be innovative!

Talk with Our Team

If interested in post-frame repair and construction that’s more affordable, longer-lasting, and better than what local contractors can offer, invest in the best post-frame building supplies in Illinois through Anthem Built. To learn more about our company or find an installer near you, call 309-463-2777. Or, if you wish to become an Anthem Built installer yourself, fill out our online form.