Post-Frame Building Supplies Peoria IL

Discover Exceptional Post-Frame Building Supplies in Peoria IL

If you’re a post-frame contractor in Illinois and the Midwestern area, you’re in luck! When it comes to innovative, high-quality post-frame building supplies in Peoria IL, Anthem Built has you covered! We strive to design components that vastly improve the post-frame process. Whether building a new structure or repairing your existing building’s columns and foundations, Anthem Built has the perfect post-frame products to meet your needs.

Repair Sleeves, part of Anthem Built's Post-Frame Building Supplies in Peoria IL

What Post-Frame Products Do We Offer?

Anthem Built’s products are patented, quality tested and approved to guarantee their strength and effectiveness. Using galvanized steel, our post-frame parts and components help strengthen your frame, protect your column, and simplify new construction projects overall. Some of our specialized products include:

  • Repair Sleeves – No other column repair solution compares to fixing your frame with Anthem Built’s Column Repair Sleeves. Rather than completely replacing a column or cutting out the rotted portion, adding our Repair Sleeves is more than enough to restore your frame’s strength. Our Repair Sleeves fit around the deteriorating portion of a post, reinforcing it and protecting it to prevent further rot.
  • Column Covers – Besides our Repair Sleeves, our Column Covers help restore and strengthen your building’s columns. Repair Sleeves don’t fit around the entirety of a column, leaving part of it exposed to the elements. A Column Cover corrects this issue by seamlessly integrating with your Repair Sleeve to encase the weakened section of your column completely, keeping moisture and termites at bay.
  • Repair Sockets – The final piece to achieving the ultimate strength for your wood columns is using Anthem Built’s Repair Sockets. Our Repair Sockets connect to your columns with Sleeves attached, helping to anchor the post securely to your structure’s base. In turn, this helps contractors and property owners avoid excavating and repouring concrete when repairing their frame’s columns.
  • Galvanized Grade Boards – By attaching grade boards to the base of your structure’s perimeter, you help avoid common post-frame problems with your foundation and column bases. However, common grade boards use wood and similar materials, which aren’t as strong or moisture-resistant as they should be. Instead, use Anthem Built’s Galvanized Grade Boards made from 10-gauge galvanized steel.
New repair sleeves, part of Anthem Built's innovative Post-Frame Building Supplies in Peoria IL

Innovation in the Post-Frame Industry

Admittedly, there are few new products for post-frame contractors. The reliability and longevity of post-frame construction have led to some slight stagnation in the industry! That’s why Anthem Built is taking it upon ourselves to create innovative products that improve the post-frame process and correct issues always present in post-frame construction. With a focus on column repair, foundation replacement and new construction, post-frame components increase structure quality, enable safer construction practices, and streamline the building process.

Interested in Anthem Built?

If you are a property owner interested in post-frame structure upkeep involving Anthem Built’s expertly designed post-frame building supplies in Peoria IL, call 309-463-2777 to find an installer near you. Otherwise, if you’re a contractor looking to implement Anthem Built’s products into your ongoing post-frame services, fill out our online form to become an installer.