Post-Frame Construction Chicago IL

Master Post-Frame Construction in Chicago IL with Anthem Built Products

At Anthem Built, we’re always brainstorming, designing and producing exceptionally innovative products for the post-frame industry. Due to more than 35 years of real-world contractor experience, our post-frame components are designed to meet the precise needs of post-frame construction in Chicago IL, Illinois, and across the Midwest. Whether you’re a property owner or contractor, you can embrace the incredible quality and capabilities of Anthem Built’s convenient, versatile, and patented post-frame components.

The inside of Post-Frame Construction in Chicago IL, using components designed by Anthem Built

What’s Post-Frame Construction All About?

Property owners always seek the most affordable, most effective way to grow their facilities as businesses expand. For this reason, post-frame structures have gained incredible popularity in the industrial and agricultural sectors. Even commercial and residential projects have begun to utilize post-frame construction more and more, and it’s no wonder; post-frame buildings offer such benefits as:

  • Cost-Effective – Post-frame construction typically requires fewer materials and labor hours, resulting in significant cost savings for contractors and property owners.
  • Versatility – These structures can be designed to serve a variety of uses, from warehouses and barns to offices and homes. There’s no limit to the industries that can utilize post-frame buildings.
  • Durability – Post-frame buildings can withstand harsh weather conditions thanks to their sturdy design. The simple yet effective frame design can stand up against heavy snow, severe winds, and more.
  • Speed of Construction – The simplicity of post-frame design allows for rapid assembly and completion of projects. For property owners, you can expand your space within a matter of days, not weeks.
  • Energy Efficiency – Due to the space for thick insulation, post-frame buildings are known for their energy efficiency, which can lead to lower utility costs.
  • Flexibility in Design – Post-frame buildings provide an expansive, open-concept space, allowing for interior design and layout flexibility.

Where Post-Frame Construction Can Go Wrong

Even with the advantages of post-frame construction in Chicago IL, there are some downsides to consider when erecting, restoring or updating your structure. One primary downside is the risk of wood rot in your frame’s columns! Because many post-frame designs set their columns directly in the ground, the posts are more at risk of deterioration. Even treated wood will begin to break down after a period of time due to moisture, insects and bacterial growth. Worse yet, the few options for resolving rotted columns rely on time-consuming and expensive excavation. Thankfully, Anthem Built has an alternative solution.

Anthem Built’s Column Repair System

Anthem Built specifically designs products that simplify post-frame construction, strengthen your frames, and provide an effective column repair solution. Each component uses 100% galvanized steel and is patented, quality-tested, and approved! Examples of the products that make up our Column Repair System include:

A red shed built using Post-Frame Construction near Chicago IL
  • Repair Sleeves – By affixing a custom Repair Sleeve to a rotting wood column, the afflicted portion of the column is reinforced, restoring the structural stability of the structure’s frame. Our Repair Sleeves are easy to install and require no additional excavation.
  • Column Covers – In combination with Repair Sleeves, Column Covers help completely enclose your column. In doing so, it’s additionally strengthened and protected from further deterioration due to direct exposure to soil.
  • Repair Sockets – Anchoring your wood columns to your structure’s existing concrete foundation creates more support for your structure’s frame. Repair Sockets do precisely this, attaching to your column or Repair Sleeve and securing it in place.
  • Galvanized Grade Boards – Unlike standard wood grade boards, our Galvanized Grade Boards offer greater strength, protection and resistance for your columns’ foundations. Our grade boards don’t warp or deteriorate and help correct foundation settlement and column misalignment issues.

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Thanks to Anthem Built, post-frame construction in Chicago IL has never been easier! Property owners and contractors no longer have to fear wood rot with Anthem Built’s array of innovative products. If you want to utilize Anthem Built’s Column Repair System for your construction, repair or restoration, call 309-463-2777. Or, if interested in becoming an Anthem Built installer yourself, fill out our online form!