Post-Frame Buildings Illinois

Perfectly Design or Restore Post-Frame Buildings in Illinois with Anthem Built

From their humble beginnings as barns and sheds to now supporting offices, homes, warehouses, and more, post-frame buildings in Illinois have come a long way! Even today, post-frame construction continues to dominate the Midwest’s rural landscape. Thanks to these structures’ ease of construction and cost-effectiveness, they’ve only grown in popularity. As such, Anthem Built has made a significant investment in innovation in the post-frame industry. With our line of high-quality products, we’re transforming the way contractors and property owners approach post-frame construction.

New Post-Frame Buildings in Illinois, built with Anthem Built products

Where Can You Find Post-Frame Buildings?

Just about anywhere! Due to the simple yet flexible design of post-frame structures, they are utilized across various businesses and industries. As such, you’ll most commonly find post-frame construction throughout the agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors.

  • Agricultural Uses – Agriculture significantly benefits from post-frame buildings due to their versatility and durability. Structurally, these buildings are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them ideal for protecting farm equipment, livestock, and harvested crops. Additionally, their spacious interiors and adaptable layouts can accommodate a range of agricultural needs, such as storage, workshops, or animal shelters, proving them to be a cost-effective and practical solution for farmers.
  • Industrial Uses – In the industrial sector, post-frame buildings serve as efficient solutions for warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution facilities. Their vast interior space and ability to withstand heavy loads lend themselves well to housing large machinery and inventory. Additionally, the flexibility of post-frame construction allows for easy expansion or modification, making it an adaptable choice for industries that may require evolving floor plans.
  • Commercial Uses – In the commercial sector, post-frame buildings prove to be highly beneficial. Their adaptable design and spacious interiors are perfect for retail outlets, restaurants, offices, or showrooms, allowing businesses to customize the space according to their unique needs. Moreover, the cost-effective and quick construction of post-frame buildings makes them a practical choice for businesses seeking a rapid and affordable expansion of their physical presence.

How Can Anthem Built Improve Your Post-Frame Buildings?

Anthem Built’s unique products and systems are the result of more than 35 years of real-world contractor experience. Each post-frame product we develop targets the unique problems that contractors and property owners face. Our goal has always been to create simple yet innovative solutions that contribute to the repair, restoration, repurposing and building of post-frame buildings in Illinois. Examples of our products include:

The interior of Post-Frame Buildings in Illinois, using Anthem Built products
  • Repair Sleeves – When you use Anthem Built’s Repair Sleeves, you correct issues with columns impacted by wood rot. Our Repair Sleeves help reinforce weakened columns, restoring their integrity without cutting, excavating or replacing the post.
  • Column Covers – When used with Repair Sleeves, our Column Covers completely cover and protect your wood column. This strengthens your frame further and helps prevent continued deterioration of your wood.
  • Repair Sockets – If you’re concerned your columns aren’t secure enough, Anthem Built’s Repair Sockets can rectify the issue. Our Repair Sockets attach to your columns or Repair Sleeves, directly linking the column and your structure’s concrete base.
  • Galvanized Grade Boards – Instead of relying on wood grade boards to protect and secure your post foundations, contractors prefer our Galvanized Grade Boards. Using 100% galvanized steel, like all our products, our grade boards guarantee greater protection for your foundation and correct settlement and misalignment.

Find Everything Your Post-Frame Construction Needs!

Don’t neglect the quality of construction and materials for post-frame buildings in Illinois. Invest in the innovative post-frame components developed by Anthem Built! To learn more about our selection of post-frame products or find an Anthem Built installer near you, call 309-463-2777. Or, if interested in becoming an Anthem Built installer yourself, fill out our online form!