Post-Frame Column Repair Illinois

What’s the Best Solution for Post-Frame Column Repair in Illinois?

As strong, durable and versatile as post-frame structures are, they are susceptible to moisture and wood rot if property owners aren’t careful. Unfortunately, keeping moisture away can prove impossible when your post-frame buildings are located in Illinois. For this reason, contractors across the Midwest are always searching for the best solutions for countering wood rot and offering post-frame column repair to Illinois residents. Thanks to Anthem Built’s selection of innovative post-frame repair products, local builders can easily restore wood columns, making them stronger and longer lasting!

A large shed needing Post-Frame Column Repair in Illinois

How Does Moisture Compromise Post-Frame Structures?

Many older (and some newer) post-structures rely on construction methods that place the base of wood columns in direct or near-direct contact with the ground. As a result, moisture and insects in the soil are attracted to the wood, feeding termites and fostering bacterial growth, ultimately leading to wood rot and deterioration. Be on the lookout for signs of wood rot if:

  • Your structure’s wood components retain 20% moisture content
  • Seasons like spring and winter bring cold temperatures and significant precipitation
  • Wood stays continually wet/moist
  • Your area sees large volumes of rain, snow and ice

What Can Be Done?

There are some preventative measures contractors and property owners can take to avoid wood rot in their post-frame columns. For example, using laminated or treated wood significantly reduces the risk of deterioration for your structure’s frame. Additionally, proper property drainage ensures moisture doesn’t pool around the base of your structure, thus damaging its columns and foundation.

However, once wood rot takes hold in your columns, nothing can reverse it. For most contractors, there are two main options when “repairing” post-frame structures with rotted wood columns: cutting the impacted wood portion out or completely replacing the column. Both repair methods, while effective, can be costly and time-consuming endeavors.

Post-Frame Column Repair in Illinois done using Anthem Built's Repair Sleeves

How Can Anthem Built Help?

At Anthem Built, we produce innovative post-frame products you can’t find anywhere else! Our components enable contractors and installers to effortlessly achieve post-frame column repair in Illinois without requiring extensive excavation or cutting. Instead, wood columns can be kept in place, reinforced and protected using Anthem Built’s patented Repair Sleeves, Column Covers, and Repair Sockets.

  • Repair Sleeves – Our Repair Sleeves can be affixed to any column with wood rot. Using 10-gauge galvanized steel, the affected portion of the wood is reinforced, increasing the strength of your frame and correcting column settlement issues.
  • Column Covers – Used with our Repair Sleeves, Column Covers fit over the exposed wood area. Our Column Covers help protect wood from further moisture and rot by completely encompassing the affected area of your structure’s frame.
  • Repair Sockets – By using Anthem Built’s Repair Sockets with our Repair Sleeves, you can further strengthen the base of your columns. Repair Sockets create a secure, long-lasting connection between your structure’s foundation and columns, anchoring them in place.

Give Anthem Built a Call!

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