Wood Column Repair Illinois

Can You Fix Your Structure with Wood Column Repair in Illinois?

Post-frame structures have grown in popularity throughout the Midwest. Whether for residential or commercial use, these unique structures provide benefits that traditionally constructed buildings cannot. However, with these advantages comes a few drawbacks. For example, the primary structural support of your post-frame buildings is at more risk of water damage, depending on the installation method and materials used. Thankfully, if your structure’s posts begin to rot, Anthem Built has the answer to wood column repair in Illinois: our expertly designed Column Repair Sleeves!

An post-frame structure with recent Wood Column Repair in Illinois

The Risk of Wood Rot

Wood rot, a common issue impacting post-frame structures, can severely compromise the integrity of the columns. It is primarily caused by moisture infiltration, leading to the growth of fungi that break down the wood fibers. Over time, this process deteriorates the strength and stability of the wood, causing it to become soft, brittle, or even crumbly. If left untreated, wood rot can lead to severe structural damage, potentially causing the columns to fail and jeopardizing the structure’s overall stability.

What Can Be Done?

When rot takes hold in your structure’s columns, property owners only have a few options for what they can do, column replacement being the most significant. Although column replacement is an effective method for managing wood rot, it’s a more costly and time-consuming solution for restoring your building’s support. You can use additional tools and components during initial construction or replacement to prevent further deterioration; however, these are not repair solutions. That’s where Anthem Built’s Repair Sleeve can help!

What’s a Column Repair Sleeve?

Anthem Built produces exceptional post-frame products that streamline post-frame building/repair while improving your structure’s safety, quality and appearance. Our Column Repair Sleeve is a prime example of the innovative solutions we offer contractors and property owners. Rather than cutting your rotted post or replacing it with new wood, a Repair Sleeve can reinforce your structure’s existing columns. With a Repair Sleeve, you can expect:

  • Faster Repair Work – As mentioned, the standard way to resolve wood rot requires cutting or replacing columns. However, this often requires additional excavation and labor, which costs time. If you want a fast solution that requires minimal labor, contractors can easily affix Repair Sleeves to your columns.
  • Reduced Costs – Thanks to the need for less labor and materials, Anthem Built’s solution for wood column repair in Illinois is significantly more affordable than other repair/replacement options. You’ll only be paying for the hardware that attaches to your posts.
  • Stronger Support – With the addition of a Repair Sleeve, the strength and durability of your columns are greatly increased. Not only do our Column Repair Sleeves reinforce the portion of rotted wood, but they also create additional support for the entirety of your frame.
  • High-Quality – The design of our Repair Sleeves is simple yet effective, encapsulating and protecting the weakest parts of your columns. Each Repair Sleeve utilizes high-quality 10-gauge galvanized steel, guaranteeing exceptional performance and longevity.

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Contractors and property owners trust Anthem Built for our incredible selection of innovative post-frame products when they need an affordable yet effective solution for wood column repair in Illinois. To learn more about our products for post-frame construction, repair, and foundation replacement, contact Anthem Built today at 309-463-2777. We are located at 305 Pine St, Varna, IL 61375, serving clients throughout the Midwest.