Wood Column Repair Peoria IL

Does Your Structure Require Wood Column Repair in Peoria IL?

Your barns, storage sheds, and workshops see plenty of use, so it’s only natural you want to maintain them. However, care for post-frame structures is different than standard building upkeep. For example, pole barns and post-frame buildings with wood posts directly inserted into the ground pose a greater risk of wood rot. Because these posts directly impact the structural stability of your building, preventing deterioration is crucial. Thus, when it comes to wood column repair in Peoria IL, contractors and property owners trust Anthem Built for our incredibly innovative post-frame products. Call today!

An column with a Repair Sleeve attached, a part of Wood Column Repair in Peoria IL

How is Wood Rot a Danger to Your Buildings?

Wood rot significantly compromises the structural integrity of post-frame buildings. When the columns of these structures encounter persistent moisture, fungal organisms attack the wood, leading to decay, commonly referred to as wood rot. This decay weakens the columns, reducing their load-bearing capacity and potentially leading to catastrophic structural failures.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Rot?

Before needing wood column repair in Peoria IL, you first want to prevent wood rot! However, doing so requires unique materials, products and systems that minimize the impact of wood rot and its underlying causes. As such, these are a few ways you can mitigate potential water damage to your post-frame columns:

  • Proper Drainage – It might not seem obvious, but your property’s drainage can severely impact the integrity of your structure’s frame. If water isn’t draining away from the base of your building, moisture in the soil will seep into your wood posts, speeding potential deterioration.
  • Laminated Wood Columns – Some materials can repel moisture (leading to wood rot) from the get-go. Laminated or treated wood, for example, has more resistance to moisture. Using laminated wood for your wood columns decreases the likelihood of wood rot.
  • Additional Post-Frame Systems – Dozens of unique post-frame construction and maintenance products exist. Many of these products are used during initial construction or column replacement, creating stronger and water-resistant bases for wood columns. Anthem Built has unique products of our own that strengthen and protect your building.
  • Moisture Control –Even with preventative measures in place, it’s important to continually inspect your structure’s columns for potential signs of deterioration, such as discoloration, cracks, or mushiness. By identifying signs of wood rot early, you can implement treatment or repair while your columns are still worth saving.

Anthem Built’s Repair Solution

Outside of complete replacement or preventative work done ahead of time, there’s seemingly not much that can be done to “fix” rotted wood columns. However, quick and affordable wood column repair in Peoria IL is possible with Repair Sleeves from Anthem Built! Our durable, long-lasting Repair Sleeves fit over the rotted section of wood columns, reinforcing the compromised area while supplying additional support to the entirety of your structure. Some of the advantages of using Repair Sleeves include:

  • Faster Repairs – If time is a concern, column replacement might take longer than you need. Conversely, column repair using Repair Sleeves requires minimal additional labor. Our Repair Sleeves can be quickly affixed to columns without the need for excavation.
  • Reduced Costs – Replacing a column requires heavy-duty equipment, more materials, and additional labor to get the job done right. However, this also means you’ll pay more out of pocket for the work provided. On the other hand, Repair Sleeves don’t require much extra to install, keeping repair costs low.
  • Durable & Long-Lasting – By attaching Repair Sleeves to your existing columns, you give them new life! Anthem Built’s Repair Sleeves feature a simple yet effective design that strengthens wood frames and prevents further deterioration. Made from high-quality 10-gauge galvanized steel, our Repair Sleeves significantly increase the strength and longevity of wood columns.

Call Anthem Built

When your post-frame structure’s columns have seen better days, but you don’t have the time or budget for complete replacement, invest in effective wood column repair in Peoria IL. Count on the exceptional strength and durability of Anthem Built’s Repair Sleeves! To learn more about our innovative post-frame products for construction, repair, and foundation replacement, call Anthem Built at 309-463-2777. We are located at 305 Pine St, Varna, IL 61375, serving clients throughout the Midwest.