Post-Frame Column Repair Peoria IL

How Can You Achieve Effective Post-Frame Column Repair in Peoria IL?

Traveling across Illinois, you’ve likely seen your fair share of post-frame structures! These unique buildings enable industrial and agricultural businesses to expand their operations easily and affordably. Best of all, post-frame buildings can last for decades with the right maintenance and care. However, with the level of rain and moisture in the Midwest, the wood columns of post-frame structures are always at risk of deterioration. Thankfully, with Anthem Built’s specialty construction products, contractors can ensure effective post-frame column repair in Peoria IL.

Newly installed Repair Sleeves for Post-Frame Column Repair in Peoria IL

What Contributes to Wood Rot?

Wood rot is the one thing every post-frame contractor and building owner fears. Rot and deterioration that affect wood columns will directly impact the integrity of your structure’s frame or base. In turn, your building is at higher risk for structural collapse! Some of the factors that most influence wood rot include:

  • Moisture Content – Wood with high moisture content (above 20%) is prone to decay as it provides an ideal environment for fungi, the primary cause of wood rot.
  • Exposure to the Elements – Wood exposed to constant weather changes (rain, snow, sunlight) is more susceptible to decay.
  • Insect Infestation – Termites and other wood-eating insects cause significant damage to wood by consuming it, making it easier for moisture to penetrate.
  • Soil Contact – Wood in direct contact with soil is at a high risk of rot due to the soil’s constant exposure to moisture and microbes.

What’s the Best Solution?

Unfortunately, once wood rot begins, it can’t be corrected or reversed. As such, contractors are adamant about preventing wood rot in the first place. In doing so, post-frame construction will utilize materials like laminated or treated wood, less likely to deteriorate due to moisture exposure. Additionally, minimizing contact between posts and the soil and ensuring proper drainage for your property helps keep deterioration away.

In the scenarios where it’s too late to prevent wood rot, contractors aren’t left with many options. It often comes down to cutting and replacing the affected portion of the post or replacing the column entirely. Thankfully, Anthem Built has an easier and more manageable alternative to post-frame column repair in Peoria IL.

Anthem Built Repair Sleeves, used for Post-Frame Column Repair in Peoria IL

Our Post-Frame Repair Products!

Anthem Built is the go-to building supply company for many post-frame contractors across the Midwest. We design and produce exceptional components that simplify aspects of post-frame construction and repair. For example, when it comes to repairing wood columns, our Repair Sleeves, Column Covers, and Repair Sockets are perfect for any post-frame structure!

  • Repair Sleeves – We design our Repair Sleeves to address wood rot in columns of all sizes and dimensions. Made from 10-gauge galvanized steel, it strengthens the rotted area of wood, improving frame stability and addressing column settlement problems.
  • Column Covers – When used with our Repair Sleeves, Column Covers fit over the exposed wood area, effectively safeguarding the structure’s frame from moisture and rot. This complete enclosure provides added protection and strength to the affected area.
  • Repair Sockets – Utilizing Anthem Built’s Repair Sockets alongside our Repair Sleeves offers an added layer of reinforcement to your column foundation. Our innovative sockets establish a secure and durable connection between columns and concrete foundations, effectively anchoring your structure’s columns in place.

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