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When your contracting business requires consistent post-frame products, there are plenty of supply companies to choose from. However, as little has changed in the post-frame industry, the tools and goods used for post-frame construction and repair haven’t changed much in the past decades. Only one construction supply company in Peoria IL is keeping innovation alive in the post-frame industry. If interested in the types of specialized products you can find for post-frame construction, call Anthem Built today!

Repair Sleeves installed by Anthem Built, a Construction Supply Company for Peoria IL

What Problems Do Post-Frame Buildings Have?

Surprisingly little! Post-frame construction is loved by contractors and property owners for the ease of design, reduced material need, and speed of construction afforded by the post-frame process. However, that doesn’t mean post-frame construction isn’t without its fair share of issues. Some common problems post-frame buildings have include:

  • Easily Damaged by Wood Rot – Depending on the materials used for your structure’s frame, its columns might be more susceptible to wood rot. Especially if you set columns directly in the ground, moisture and insects can easily contribute to your wood’s deterioration.
  • Site Planning and Soil Concerns – Although post-frame structures can be placed almost anywhere, special considerations should be made for your building’s base. Unfortunately, loose and expansive soils spell trouble for your foundation, causing shifting and sinking, placing strain on columns and your frame.
  • New Construction Considerations –From components to safety practices, the only things that have changed in the post-frame industry are the people performing service. And while construction is still effective, certain aspects remain slower, more challenging, or more dangerous to implement.
A post frame structure being built with the help of Anthem Built, a Construction Supply Company for Peoria IL

Innovation in Post-Frame Construction

As Anthem Built watches the post-frame industry continue to stagnate, with no fresh new ideas or products on the horizon, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to press innovation forward. To this end, our construction supply company for Peoria IL develops exceptional quality products to streamline and improve all aspects of the post-frame construction process. Most importantly, our products address some of the worst post-frame issues involving rotting columns and unstable foundations.

  • An Alternative to Column Replacement – If your post-frame structure utilizes wood materials primarily for its columns and frame, you must be ever-vigilant for signs of wood rot. Wood rot and deterioration can severely weaken your columns and, unfortunately, cannot be reversed, leading contractors to perform expensive excavation and cutting to replace affected wood. Conversely, our Repair Sleeves, Column Covers and Repair Sockets help contractors avoid column replacement, instead reinforcing and protecting wood posts.
  • Additional Components for Foundation Care – A solid foundation is essential to the strength and longevity of your structure. However, due to soil issues, your building’s foundation can shift and sink, pulling columns down, placing strain on your frame, and increasing the chance of structural collapse. Thankfully, incorporating components like Anthem Built’s Grade Boards can help. Our Grade Boards, made from galvanized steel, will strengthen and protect your foundation’s base without deterioration.

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As a contractor looking to simplify, speed up, and make the entirety of post-frame construction safer, you require innovative components and tools. Leave it to Anthem Built, the best post-frame construction supply company for Peoria IL, to supply you with the products you need to succeed. To find an Anthem Built installer near you, contact us today at 309-463-2777. Or, if you wish to become an Anthem Built installer yourself, fill out our online form!