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Whether for commercial use, storing farm equipment, or just living in, post-frame structures are becoming the popular choice for new construction throughout the Midwest. Post-frame structures are exceptionally versatile, durable, and simple for many contractors to build. If you’re a contractor looking to simplify the post-frame construction process further, you can rely on one specialty building supply company in Peoria IL in particular: Anthem Built! Our team specializes in developing innovative post-frame products that improve safety, quality and appearance.

Newly installed Repair Sleeves from Anthem Built, a Building Supply Company in Peoria IL

Why Choose Post-Frame Construction?

Both contractors and property owners can benefit from post-frame construction. Between reasonable labor/material costs and exceptional durability/longevity, there’s plenty to love about a new pole barn or warehouse. Some of the advantages of post-frame construction include:

  • Quicker Project Completion – Because post-frame structures require fewer materials and less labor, the turnaround for project completion is significantly accelerated.
  • Reduced Cost – Also, contractors can more affordably build post-frame structures thanks to reduced labor and materials. Ultimately, these savings are passed down to the client.
  • Versatile – Some post-frame construction can be residential, commercial, or industrial. The point is that post-frame structures are versatile for various applications.
  • Energy Efficient – Most post-frame designs allow for exceptional insulation, helping conserve energy during extreme temperatures.
  • Strength & Longevity – Although post-frame designs are simple, they’re effective. Post-frame construction can withstand heavy loads, extreme winds, and other environmental forces, helping your buildings stand tall for decades.
New construction using components from Anthem Built, a Building Supply Company in Peoria IL

How Does Anthem Built Help?

As the preferred building supply company in Peoria IL, for post-frame construction, Anthem Built helps contractors develop structures that outlast and outperform anything their competitors can produce. Our unique post-frame products all contribute to different aspects of post-frame building and maintenance, helping installers strengthen and protect their new or existing structures. Anthem Built’s products propel your building methods to new heights, whether for column repair, foundation replacement, or new construction.

  • Column Repair – If your structure’s columns are weak and deteriorating, you risk the integrity of your entire structure. However, there’s little to be done about rotting posts once deterioration has begun. Thankfully, Anthem Built’s Repair Sleeves, Column Covers and Repair Sockets help reinforce weakened columns. Our products help contractors and property owners avoid expensive column replacements.
  • Foundation Replacement – Whether due to poor construction or shifting soil, your structure’s foundation can begin to sink and break, leading to structural stability concerns. Thankfully, foundation issues can be prevented or corrected with the right components. For example, our Galvanized Grade Boards can protect your foundation and column bases from moisture and prevent uneven settling.
  • New Construction – Enabling safer, faster, and higher quality construction for contractors is part of Anthem Built’s mission! To this end, our specialized post-frame products do precisely that. Builders can streamline portions of the post-frame construction process when utilizing our grade boards, anchors, purlins, connectors, and additional components.

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Anthem Built is revolutionizing the way post-frame construction is done throughout the Midwest! When you need exceptional, innovative post-frame products you can’t find with any other building supply company in Peoria IL, call the Anthem Built team today! To find an Anthem Built installer or learn more about our products, contact 309-463-2777! Or, if you wish to become an Anthem Built installer yourself, fill out our online form.