Post-Frame Construction Peoria IL

Anthem Built Products Support Post-Frame Construction in Peoria IL

Post-frame buildings are popping up all over the Midwest! Whether to house large agricultural equipment, provide office space for workers, or made to be someone’s home, post-frame buildings have shown exceptional versatility throughout Illinois and the surrounding states. And if you are interested in post-frame construction in Peoria IL or anywhere else, you need access to the best products installed by the best local contractors; you need Anthem Built!

A warehouse utilizing Post-Frame Construction in Peoria IL

Why Post-Frame Structures Are So Loved

While there’s plenty to appreciate about standard construction techniques, post-frame construction offers strength and flexibility not normally afforded to new or existing construction. Not to mention, the simplicity of design and ready availability of post-frame components and materials prove advantageous to local contractors. Thanks to post-frame construction in Peoria IL, you can expect:

  • Cost-Effective – Post-frame construction involves less labor and fewer materials, resulting in a more cost-effective building process than traditional methods.
  • Versatility – These buildings can be customized to meet a variety of aesthetic and functional requirements, making them suitable for a multitude of applications such as storage facilities, workshops, homes, and more.
  • Durability – The simple yet durable post-frame design offers greater resistance to environmental stresses, contributing to the long lifespan of post-frame buildings.
  • Speed of Construction – Given the simpler design and readily available materials, post-frame structures can be erected in a shorter period.
  • Energy Efficiency – The design of post-frame buildings allows for better insulation, leading to significant energy savings in the long run.

Post-Frame Construction’s Most Common Problem

As excellent as post-frame construction in Peoria IL is for contractors and property owners alike, one significant problem with structures remains an issue: maintaining your frame’s posts. Since the 1950s, a popular design method for a post-frame building frame is to set the columns directly in the ground. While you can expect your structure to stand tall for years, even treated wood is at risk of rotting, especially in contact with moisture, bacteria and insects found in soil. As such, even the largest, most durable post-frame structures can be compromised by wood rot.

What’s the Solution?

Thankfully, Anthem Built has the answer to deteriorating and weakened wood columns: our patented column repair system! Anthem Built produces several unique post-frame products to protect and reinforce your structure’s wood columns. Each component can be used individually or with our other post-frame products. Best of all, with our unique post-frame components, you can avoid the dangers of wood rot or replacing old columns. Products part of our column repair system include:

A structure undergoing Post-Frame Construction in Peoria IL, using Repair Sleeves from Anthem Built
  • Column Repair Sleeves – Our Repair Sleeves can be affixed to any size of affected column. Made from 10-gauge galvanized steel, these sleeves reinforce the column’s weakened portion and protect it from further rot.
  • Column Covers – Our covers work with our Repair Sleeves to completely enclose a column. Once enclosed with a Column Cover, your wood column is no longer exposed to outside elements that influence wood rot.
  • Repair Sockets – A Repair Socket anchors an existing in-place column to your structure’s concrete foundation. In doing so, the Repair Socket further strengthens your frame, ensuring your columns are connected to a sturdy base.
  • Galvanized Grade Boards – Anthem Built’s Galvanized Grade Boards are similar to standard grade boards, except constructed with galvanized steel. As such, our grade boards help protect your columns’ foundations and minimize foundation settlement and column misalignment.

Invest in the Best Post-Frame Products

Rather than rely on the standard components and equipment for your post-frame construction in Peoria IL, ensure your building stands strong and is safe from the dangers of wood rot. Invest in the exceptional post-frame repair and construction products developed by Anthem Built. To learn more about our column repair system or find an Anthem Built installer near you, call 309-463-2777. Or, if you are interested in becoming an Anthem Built installer, fill out our online form!