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Refine Post-Frame Column Repair in Peoria IL with Anthem Built

As any post-frame contractor or pole barn owner will tell you, building upkeep is essential! Post-frame structures, having their frames more exposed than other building types, are also more susceptible to moisture or insects. In turn, wood rot is detrimental to the structural integrity of your barn or warehouse. Thankfully, with expertly designed products from Anthem Built, problems like column repair in Peoria IL are easy to resolve! Call Anthem Built today to learn how.

The interior of a post-frame building with recent Column Repair in Peoria IL

How Does Damage Occur to Your Columns?

Post-frame construction is impressive in terms of the incredible strength and versatility of the structures created. However, due to the nature of construction, the bottom of wood columns sometimes comes into direct contact with the ground. While this might not seem like an issue, moisture in the soil provides the perfect environment for fungi and termites to thrive. As moisture seeps into your wood, fungi and insects will continue to feed, breaking down the cell walls of wood and making it soft, brittle, and structurally unsafe.

Can Wood Rot Be Easily Identified in Columns?

Continued inspection of its beams and supports is essential as your post-frame structure ages. If you can identify potential wood rot in a column before complete deterioration takes hold, it can be fixed. However, this is only possible if you know the signs of potential wood rot. When identifying the degradation of your posts, be perceptive of:

  • Discoloration – Wood rot often causes a color change, leading the wood to appear darker or discolored. This can often be seen on the surface of the post-frame columns.
  • Texture Change – The texture of the wood can change due to rot. It might become soft, spongy, or crumbly when touched.
  • Foul Smell – Decay often produces a musty, damp, or unpleasant odor. This is a strong sign of wood rot.
  • Fungal Growth – The presence of fungi, such as mushrooms or mold, on the surface of the wood is a clear indicator of rot.
  • Structural Weakness – If the post-frame columns are not as sturdy as they once were, this may be due to rot from within the wood, compromising its integrity.
  • Shrinking or Warping – When wood is affected by rot, it may shrink or warp due to the loss of its natural moisture content. This can lead to gaps or misalignment in the structure.
  • Visible Cracks or Holes – Rot can create visible cracks or holes in the wood over time. These openings serve as pathways for moisture and insects, exacerbating deterioration.

Is Column Repair Possible?

Absolutely! Although the standard method for resolving wood rot is replacing the affected posts, this can sometimes be time-consuming and costly. Thankfully, Anthem Built can supply an effective alternative to column repair in Peoria IL. With our Column Repair Sleeves, restoring the integrity of your post-frame structure has never been easier! Our expertly designed Repair Sleeves revolutionize how contractors and property owners manage wood rot and broken columns. Thanks to our Repair Sleeves, you and your structure benefit from:

  • Faster Repair Times – The Repair Sleeve is not complicated to install and requires little to no excavation. This allows your columns to be quickly repaired, with Repair Sleeves having an immediate effect.
  • Improved Repair Costs – Standard column replacement requires more specialized equipment, time and labor to complete, meaning you’ll pay more for repair service. Conversely, Repair Sleeves install fast and don’t require the same labor commitment, keeping service costs low.
  • Increased Strength & Longevity – Rather than letting your columns succumb to wood rot, Repair Sleeves protect and reinforce the affected section of wood. In turn, this reinforcement increases the strength and longevity of your columns, prevents further damage, and corrects settlement issues.
  • Expert Design & Materials – Our Repair Sleeves are made from 10-gauge galvanized steel and corrugated for added strength. Moreover, our Repair Sleeves come in multiple sizes and can fit columns of any dimension.

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There’s hope, yet, for your rotting wood columns! Find durable, affordable, long-lasting column repair in Peoria IL with Anthem Built and our patented Column Repair Sleeve. To learn more about the Repair Sleeve or our additional post-frame products for construction, repair, and foundation replacement. call 309-463-2777. Anthem Built is located at 305 Pine St, Varna, IL 61375, serving clients throughout the Midwest.