Post-Frame Column Repair Springfield IL

Do You Require Post-Frame Column Repair in Springfield IL?

You’re not alone! Post-frame buildings are trendy in Illinois and the Midwest, leading to new ones popping up daily. However, older post-frame buildings must be properly maintained and cared for to ensure they stay standing! Issues like wood rot in post-frame columns are a common concern for older structures and something post-frame contractors can help correct. When using products from Anthem Built, builders and installers can achieve long-lasting post-frame column repair in Springfield IL.

Repair sleeves attached to wood columns, part of Post-Frame Column Repair in Springfield IL

What Causes Wood Columns to Deteriorate?

As essential as a sturdy frame is to the structural integrity of your post-frame building, it’s unfortunate wood products are susceptible to rot and deterioration. Factors like water and moist soil cause problems for your columns, creating the perfect environment for termites to thrive and bacteria to germinate. More specifically, wood rot in post-frame columns is the result of:

  • Excessive Moisture – If your columns continually retain a moisture content of 20% or more, they are naturally more prone to decay (due to fungi and bacterial growth).
  • Seasonal Weather – Winter and springtime bring plenty of rain, sleet, snow and ice to the Midwest, creating ideal conditions for wood rot to fester.
  • Proximity to Soil – If your columns are set directly in the ground, they are more likely to rot due to increased exposure to moisture, insects and soil-borne microbes.
  • Termites – Termites and other wood-eating insects can make a meal of your wood columns, eating away at the base and weakening their overall integrity.

How Can You Stop Wood Rot?

Unfortunately, once wood rot has begun, there’s no getting rid of it. For this reason, most contractors try to minimize or prevent wood rot when constructing their post-frame structure. This is done using materials like laminated or treated wood, which resist deterioration, or grade boards, which protect against it.

Otherwise, if rot has become pervasive in your structure’s frame, two of the few fixes are column replacement or cutting and replacing the rotted section. Both options work to strengthen your structure but can be costly and time-consuming to implement correctly, requiring significant cutting and excavation. Thankfully, Anthem Built’s products provide an effective alternative to typical post-frame column repair in Springfield IL.

A large structure that has recently undergone Post-Frame Column Repair in Springfield IL

Check Out Our Post-Frame Repair Products!

Anthem Built creates the best parts and components for streamlining portions of the post-frame construction process. Many of our products are also perfect for correcting wood rot in post-frame columns. For example, our Repair Sleeves, Column Covers and Repair Sockets all provide additional strength and protection to your columns without you having to cut rot away or remove the column.

  • Repair Sleeves – Our Repair Sleeves help strengthen weakened columns, fitting galvanized 8-gauge steel around the affected section of the wood post to protect and reinforce it and correct column settlement issues.
  • Column Covers – For the section of wood Repair Sleeves can’t reach, our Column Covers make up for. Column Covers, used with Repair Sleeves, help to completely encapsulate the deteriorating section of wood, preventing moisture from creating further rot.
  • Repair Sockets – So your columns don’t sink and shift, we use Repair Sockets to keep them in place. Our Repair Sockets anchor wood columns and attach Repair Sleeves directly to your structure’s concrete base.

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