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Post-frame buildings are taking the Midwestern construction industry by storm! The excellent versatility of a post-frame structure, matched with their strength, longevity and affordability, make them the perfect addition to any commercial or residential property. And when it comes to high-quality post-frame building supplies in Springfield IL that can’t be found anywhere else, Anthem Built is number one! If you are interested in simplifying construction and maintenance with our expertly designed post-frame components, call today!

A repair socket, part of Anthem Built's Post-Frame Building Supplies for Springfield IL

What Products Does Anthem Built Create?

We create unique post-frame supplies using high-quality materials, such as 10-gauge galvanized steel, to improve building quality and the post-frame process. If your company offers services involving column repair, foundation care, or general new construction, Anthem Built designs products that fit the precise needs of your builders and clients. Some of those products include:

  • Column Repair Sleeves – Our patented Column Repair Sleeves are unique to any post-frame product. Our Repair Sleeves correct the all-too-common issues of wood rot in your structure’s columns. By affixing one of our sleeves to the rot-affected area of your column, the metal covers and reinforces your column and its base. Most importantly, our repair sleeves help property owners avoid otherwise expensive column replacements.
  • Column Covers – Besides the Repair Sleeve, our Column Covers further increase the strength and longevity of post-frame columns. Our covers fit over the area of a wood post not covered by the Repair Sleeve. By completely enclosing the weakened portion of a column with a cover and sleeve, you entirely protect it from continued rot due to moisture and insects.
  • Repair Sockets – With Anthem Built’s Repair Sockets, the base of your wood columns can be securely anchored to a structure’s concrete foundation. In doing so, you increase the structural integrity of your building and avoid needing to excavate and repour concrete when replacing or repairing columns. Ultimately, you save yourself time and increased labor when utilizing our sockets for column repair.
  • Galvanized Grade Boards – As crucial as your structure’s columns are, the foundation is just as essential. For this reason, most post-frame designs involve grade boards to protect the perimeter of your structure’s base. However, standard grade boards are wood, making them vulnerable to moisture, thus compromising your post-frame base. Conversely, Anthem Built constructs Grade Boards using galvanized steel, ensuring they stay strong and moisture-resistant.
A pile of repair sleeves being, part of Anthem Built's Post-Frame Building Supplies for Springfield IL

Post-Frame Construction at Its Best!

For decades, relatively little innovation has occurred in the post-frame construction industry. While some contractors might be fine with the “status quo,” Anthem Built believes you can do more with post-frame construction. Our philosophy of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary we take seriously when it comes to producing the best post-frame building supplies for Springfield IL. Our mission has always been to create products to improve post-frame construction’s quality, safety, speed and appearance.

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Anthem Built has you covered whether you wish to strengthen your existing post-frame structure or are looking for the right products to design your building from the ground up. To learn more about our company and our post-frame products or to find an installer near you, call 309-463-2777. Or, if you have an interest in Anthem Built’s products for your post-frame services, fill out our online form to become an installer!