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Can You Find Dependable Post-Frame Column Repair in Champaign IL?

Post-frame construction is becoming incredibly popular in the Midwest and throughout the U.S. Design flexibility, accelerated construction times, and affordability have led to the construction of many pole barns, warehouses, workshops, hangars and garages. However, as incredible as post-frame structures are, they are at more risk of wood rot and deterioration than other building types. For this reason, finding dependable, long-lasting column repair in Champaign IL is essential for property owners and contractors. For the best column repair solutions, talk with the post-frame experts at Anthem Built!

A storage shed with Column Repair in Champaign IL

How Does Wood Rot Endanger Your Structure?

While post-frame design and construction have come a long way, previous and ongoing construction methods have led to some problems with wood rot. The primary support for post-frame structures lies in their exterior frame, often made of wood columns set in the ground or directly over it. Unfortunately, close contact between your columns and soil can lead to moisture getting into wood, creating a fertile environment for termites and fungi to thrive. As insects and fungi eat away at wood, it causes your columns to become brittle and weak, severely compromising the stability of your structure.

Is There a Way to Stop Wood Rot?

Unfortunately, not easily. Once deterioration has begun and if environmental conditions don’t significantly change, rot will continue to spread. If this occurs, the next step for many contractors is column replacement. You can also take preventative steps to prevent future wood rot, such as using laminated wood columns or installing posts with additional protection or uplift so wood isn’t in contact with soil. However, if you want to repair your existing columns affected by wood rot, Anthem Built offers a column repair alternative: Column Repair Sleeves!

Give Column Repair Sleeves a Try!

Column repair without replacement is now possible, thanks to Anthem Built’s patented Column Repair Sleeves. Our Repair Sleeves, like all our post-frame products, prioritize streamlining post-frame repair while improving the safety, quality, and appearance of your structure. As such, the Column Repair Sleeve can be used by contractors and property owners alike, providing an exceptional alternative to column repair in Champaign IL. The Repair Sleeve features include:

  • Quick Repairs – Most column repairs using our Column Repair Sleeve can be completed within a day.
  • Easy Installs – Installation of Column Repair Sleeves is straightforward; easy for contractors or DIY installers to grasp. Little or no excavation is required.
  • Durable Design – Each Repair Sleeve is made from corrugated, 10-gauge galvanized steel, giving your columns incredible strength and support.
  • Affordable Service – Because Repair Sleeves use minimal labor, tools or excavation to install, the costs for repair are kept significantly lower than what’s required for column replacement.
  • Prevent Further Damage – Repair Sleeves aim to separate your wood columns from direct contact with soil. As such, this prevents further wood rot, corrects settlement issues, and reinforces your column’s base.

Give Anthem Built a Call

As crucial as column repair in Champaign IL is to the stability and upkeep of your post-frame structure, you want products and services proven to be effective. Thankfully, reliability and effectiveness are precisely what you get with Anthem Built and our Column Repair Sleeves. To learn more about our additional post-frame products for repair, construction and foundation replacement, call 309-463-2777. Also, Anthem Built is located at 305 Pine St, Varna, IL 61375, serving clients throughout the Midwest.