How Can You Stop Wood Rot in Columns?

The Biggest Concern for Post-Frame Construction: Wood Rot

Ideally, your post-frame structure will stand the test of time, providing support and protection for years to come! However, depending on how your building was designed and constructed, the condition of its posts could be in jeopardy. A common issue for post-frame structures is wood rot, which plagues property owners across the Midwest and forces expensive replacement of the impacted column. As such, there are ways to prevent wood rot in the first place, lending to the incredible strength and longevity of your post-frame building. Here are a few ideas Anthem Built recommends for stopping wood rot in columns:

A rotting wood column in need of repair in Illinois

Use Treated Wood Columns

Luckily for contractors and property owners, wood can be treated to be significantly more moisture-resistant. As such, treated or laminated wood columns are less likely to succumb to wood rot. However, that doesn’t mean treated wood is entirely immune to rot and deterioration. Even laminated columns can break down over time, with direct exposure to soil and moisture. Using laminated columns to prevent wood rot works best with other rot prevention techniques.

Implement Proper Drainage

It might not be top of mind for your property construction, but stormwater management and drainage can significantly impact the condition of your columns. If rainwater or melted snow doesn’t properly drain away from the base of your structure, pooling in some areas can be detrimental to nearby column bases. Proper sloping and landscaping to direct water away from your structure’s base is essential for preserving its posts.

Place Your Columns on a Base

Some post-frame construction (especially structures built in the 70s and earlier) sets columns directly into the ground to create the primary support for the frame. However, as you can imagine, placing wood in soil invites a whole host of issues, moisture and wood-consuming insects chief among them. Nowadays, post-frame construction utilizes concrete bases for your structure’s floor, the bottom of columns, or both. In doing so, it keeps the wood above the soil and reduces the chances of deterioration.

A rotted wood column that was repaired with a Column Repair Sleeve from Anthem Built

Anthem Built Repair Sleeves

Anthem Built manufactures Column Repair Sleeves to combat wood rot in columns and present a better, more efficient, and more affordable solution for column repair. Made from galvanized steel, these products are specially designed by Anthem Built to fit around the base of your wood columns. In conjunction with our Column Covers, a column can be completely enclosed and protected from the elements. While our Repair Sleeves are often used to restore posts already impacted by wood rot, they work just as well to prevent rot in the first place!

Find What You Need to Protect Your Columns with Anthem Built

If what you’ve done to protect your columns isn’t enough, and wood rot continues to be an issue, contact the professionals at Anthem Built for support. We will connect you with installers of our products, best for preventing rot and restoring the strength and longevity of your post-frame structures. To learn more about our post-frame products, find an installer near you, or become an installer yourself, contact us today at 309-463-2777.