How Do You Fix a Rotting Wood Post Without Replacing It?
A rotting wood column in Illinois

Invest in Innovative Post-Frame Repair Products from Anthem Built

Little can be done once wood rot has made its way into your post-frame structure’s columns. Wood rot is a pervasive disease that isn’t possible to reverse, permanently reducing the structural integrity of the wood, column, and entire frame. So, when wood rot begins affecting your post-frame building, most property owners and contractors recommend replacing the columns with new, laminated wood posts. Although this process works, replacement can be time-consuming and expensive to implement. For such reasons, Anthem Built develops products to fix a rotting wood post without replacing it.

Count On Anthem Built’s Column Repair System

Little has changed as part of post-frame construction for the past several decades. While this is a testament to the practical design of post-frame structures, continued wood rot issues still plague contractors today. Thankfully, Anthem Built produces components that can both protect columns from wood rot and restore already deteriorating posts. It’s all possible with Anthem Built’s Repair Sleeves, Column Covers, and Repair Sockets.

An Anthem Built Repair Sleeve being used to Fix a Rotting Wood Post Without Replacing It
  • Repair Sleeves – A rotting wood column cannot be expected to support the structural load of an entire structure, let alone multiple rotting columns. However, once affixed with a Repair Sleeve, deteriorating posts are given new life! Made from 100% galvanized steel, each repair sleeve attaches to the afflicted portion of a column. The Repair Sleeve is designed to transfer the load from the wood column to the attached steel, restoring strength to a wood column without replacing it.
  • Column Covers – If the majority of strength comes from the Repair Sleeve, Anthem Built’s Column Covers protect your posts. Column Covers are a part of the complete repair system, seamlessly integrating with sleeves and additional components. By completely covering rotted portions of a post, Column Covers (and Repair Sleeves) encapsulate a column, thus protecting it from continued exposure to moisture, insects, and soil.
  • Repair Sockets – The Repair Sleeve and Column Cover are primarily used for post-frame structures with columns set into the soil and on concrete footings. However, if a post is on a concrete floor/foundation, contractors can instead use Anthem Built Repair Sockets for column repair. A Repair Socket attaches to the bottom of a column, creating a secure, bolted connection between the column and the concrete floor. This strengthens the column, prevents further rot, and helps align your posts and frame.

Where Can You Find Anthem Built Products?

By calling Anthem Built! Our innovative post-frame repair products have proven beneficial for contractors throughout Illinois and across the Midwest. If you are a property owner wishing to fix a rotting wood post without replacing it, Anthem Built can connect you with an installer for our products. Otherwise, if you’re a post-frame contractor wishing to do more for post-frame repair, you can become an Anthem Built installer; fill out our online form to start the process. Or, for additional questions about Anthem Built products, our history, and how we assist contractors and property owners alike, call 815-780-0206.