How Do You Strengthen a Rotten Post-Frame Column?
The bottom of a rotten post-frame column

Correct Problems of Wood Rot with Anthem Built

So, your post-frame structure’s columns have begun to deteriorate due to wood rot; what can you do? Unfortunately, you cannot do much to stop rotting once it’s begun. Moreover, wood rot can’t be reversed, meaning your column’s integrity is permanently compromised. Outside of completely replacing the affected columns, there are few options for repairing your structure’s frame. At least, that was before Anthem Built’s innovative post-frame repair products. Thanks to Anthem Built, contractors can strengthen a rotten post-frame column without replacement! Call Anthem Built to learn how.

Strengthen, Protect & Secure Your Columns

Anthem Built’s expert designers develop unique products to reinforce wood columns and strengthen a structure’s frame. Rotting wood columns can be strengthened, protected, and secured to concrete foundations using Anthem Built’s Repair Sleeves, Column Covers and Repair Sockets. Best of all, contractors and homeowners don’t have to contend with messy and expensive column replacements when using Anthem Built’s products.

Anthem Built Repair Sleeves being used to Strengthen a Rotten Post-Frame Column
  • Strengthen Your Columns – With a Repair Sleeve, you can completely strengthen a rotten post-frame column. Made from galvanized steel, repair sleeves fit seamlessly around wood columns of varying length and width. The sleeve covers the afflicted portion of the post, transferring the structural load’s pressure off the wood and onto the steel attachment. Best of all, Repair Sleeves are easy to install and don’t require extensive excavation.
  • Protect Your Posts – In addition to strengthening your columns, Repair Sleeves add partial protection for your wood. With the installation of a Column Cover, that protection is complete. By joining a cover to a sleeve over a wood column, the rotting portion of the wood is completely enclosed. This adds further strength to the column and creates a metal shell that moisture and insects can’t breach. While this doesn’t reverse wood rot, it prevents it from continuing.
  • Secure Your Foundation – When your posts are attached to concrete footings and set into the ground, Anthem Built’s Repair Sleeves and Column Covers are your best options for repair. However, if your posts are set on a concrete floor or base, contractors can use Anthem Built’s Repair Sockets instead. Repair Sockets fulfill three essential functions: strengthen a column’s base, cover wood rot, and secure your post to your structure’s foundation. Additionally, our Repair Sockets reduce the chances for uplift or frame misalignment.

Anthem Built is Changing the Post-Frame Game

Thanks to Anthem Built’s post-frame products, post-frame repair is now possible without column replacement! If you require repair for your structures, contact Anthem Built directly. We can connect you with local contractors in your area who are trained and certified to install Anthem Built products. Otherwise, if you’re a contractor who wishes to implement more creative solutions for post-frame repair, fill out our online form to start becoming an Anthem Built Installer! Whether a property owner or contractor, the best post-frame building supplies are always available with Anthem Built. Call 815-780-0206 to learn more!