Post Frame Column Replacement Illinois

Find an Affordable Alternative to Post Frame Column Replacement in Illinois

Anthem Built products offer cheaper cost alternative solutions to complete post frame column replacement in Illinois. We offer galvanized grade boards, post frame column repair sleeves, repair sockets, and column covers. They are easy to install and come in a variety of shapes and sizes for use in varied kinds of post frame buildings. Most importantly, they allow you to improve the structural integrity of buildings with rotted wood columns without the need to cut out or completely replace existing materials. Our products offer an ideal solution for pole barn repair, post frame building repair, and barndominium repair. For more information, contact Anthem Built now. We are trusted construction supply company serving Illinois, including Champaign IL, Springfield IL, and Peoria IL customers.

Post Frame Column Replacement Illinois

Why Use Galvanized Grade Boards?

You receive added durability and strength for your post frame building with 14-gauge galvanized steel and corrugated galvanized boards. These boards deliver a permanent solution for those needing post frame column replacement in Illinois. They come with a design which enhances the building’s uplift components with built-in uplift anchors. Consequently, the foundation becomes sturdier and more structurally sound. In addition, here are some other attractive benefits you receive from using our galvanized boards:

  • Applications for All Post Frame Buildings – We offer galvanized grade boards available in lengths up to 24 feet. Also, we include connectors and board corners that are easily applied around the perimeter of your building without the use of special tools.
  • Keeps Out Moisture and Termites – Our galvanized grade boards are both water resistant and 100% resistant to termite damage.
  • Greater Aesthetics – Our grade boards system fit together seamlessly, ensuring a smooth look without fasteners visible from the exterior.

Why Use Post Frame Repair Sleeves?

Anthem Built’s column repair sleeves are a unique product that reinforces decayed wood boards, offering an alternative option to complete post frame column replacement in Illinois. The sleeves allow for an efficient, long-lasting repair without forcing you to cut or replace deteriorated wood materials. When a repair sleeve is applied, it fixes column settlement problems and adds strength to the frame. In addition, our products delivery compatibility with all sorts of post frame buildings. We provide column repair sleeves in many different sizes and lengths, giving you solutions for existing round, solid, or laminated wood poles. So, contact Anthem Built when you require pole barn repair or repair for post frame construction to learn more about how we can help.

Post Frame Column Replacement Illinois

Why Use Repair Sockets?

Repair sockets work in tandem with repair sleeves to bring you an alternative to complete post frame replacement in Illinois. Rather than ripping out columns and repouring concrete for new columns, repair sockets will anchor your column to the building’s concrete floor or foundation. They are easy to install and versatile, allowing for use in different kinds of post frame structures. Along with column covers and repair sleeves, repair sockets provide a perfect solution at a more reasonable rate than total replacement of post frame columns.

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