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What Construction Supply Company for Springfield IL Offers Post-Frame Products?

Whether you’re a property owner looking to invest in the care of your post-frame structure or a contractor looking to offer higher-quality services, a construction supply company for Springfield IL can help! Anthem Built’s line of exceptional post-frame products pushes the industry forward with unique designs and functions that simplify aspects of the post-frame process. And as popular as post-frame structures have become throughout the Midwest, you’re doing yourself a favor by investing in innovation with Anthem Built. Learn more about our products by calling today!

New repair sleeves, provided by Anthem Built, a Construction Supply Company for Springfield IL

What Problems Does Post-Frame Construction Face?

There are many reasons contractors and property owners prefer post-frame construction. For one, post-frame buildings are incredibly affordable, durable and long-lasting. As for construction, the process requires less labor and materials than other building types, leading to more cost savings. However, as great as post-frame construction is, there are some downsides:

  • Deterioration and Rot in Wood Columns – Many older and newer post-frame structures use primarily wood posts and pillars as the basis of a frame. However, as wet as the Midwest can get, exposed wood components are at a higher risk of wood rot. If your columns begin deteriorating, little can be done to prevent it further.
  • Loose and Expansive Soil – The more active your soil is under your structure, the more likely its foundation will undergo damage. Loose or expansive soil allows your building’s base to shift and sink. In turn, your foundation’s movement can cause attached columns to move, placing strain on your frame and reducing its strength and load capacity.
  • Convenience and Safety – While many aspects of post-frame construction are quick and straightforward, other parts are less so. As such, there is sometimes more work involved to ensure contractors’ safety and structure quality.
New post-frame construction, with materials provided by Anthem Built, an innovative Construction Supply Company for Springfield IL

Anthem Built’s Helpful Products

Anthem Built looked to the everyday concerns of the post-frame industry, having to do with column repair, foundation replacement and new construction, and created products to address each! Every Anthem Built post-frame component is patented and quality tested, ensuring they consistently meet and exceed your expectations. As a construction supply company for Springfield IL, our goal has always been to create products that streamline construction and repair while improving safety, quality and appearance. Some of those products include:

  • Column Repair Sleeves – Wood rot affecting your wood columns used only to have one solution: column replacement. However, with Anthem Built’s Repair Sleeves, there is now an effective and long-lasting alternative. Our versatile sleeves can fit columns of all sizes and dimensions, providing protection and reinforcement for columns weakened by wood rot.
  • Column Covers – To fully encase a wood post, we provide Column Covers that complement our Repair Sleeves. These covers strengthen the already compromised column due to wood rot and protect against moisture and insects. By preventing the further spread of wood rot, our Column Covers ensure the longevity of the wood post.
  • Repair Sockets – Our products not only protect against and prevent wood rot in post-frame columns but also provide a secure solution for anchoring columns in place on concrete foundations. With our Repair Sockets, it is possible to anchor wood columns to your existing concrete base without needing to remove or repour concrete. When combined with our other column repair products, the installation of Repair Sockets is quick and easy.
  • Galvanized Grade Boards – Contractors typically install Grade Boards around the base of a structure to safeguard its foundation against moisture and settling. However, traditional grade boards are constructed from wood, compromising their strength and durability. In contrast, Anthem Built manufactures grade boards using galvanized steel, ensuring superior protection for your foundation.

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If your company has an interest in new, innovative products for post-frame design, our construction supply company for Springfield IL has just what you need! Find exceptionally designed, high-quality post-frame components from the professionals at Anthem Built. To learn more about our products or find an Anthem Built installer near you, call 309-463-2777. Or, if you wish to become an Anthem Built installer yourself, fill out our online form!