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There’s plenty to love about post-frame construction! From the ease of design to the reduced need for materials, post-frame structures have become popular for residents and business owners in Illinois and the Midwest. However, for contractors to provide proper post-frame construction, repair and maintenance services, they require access to the best tools and products. And when it comes to new, innovative products that streamline the post-frame process, only one construction supply company in Illinois has what you need: Anthem Built. Learn more about our post-frame products by calling today!

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What Are Some Common Post-Frame Concerns?

As excellent as post-frame construction is, even this unique building method has its downsides. For example, your post-frame building’s structural integrity can become severely compromised without proper care and the right materials. For example, some common concerns for contractors include:

  • Over Exposure – The wood columns that comprise most of your structure’s frame are crucial to its overall strength and stability. However, if those columns become overexposed to factors like moisture or insects, the chance of wood rot and deterioration significantly increases.
  • Shifting Foundations – The earth underneath your foundation can be problematic without proper site drainage and soil considerations. Loose and expansive soil allows your building’s base to shift and sink, placing pressure on its columns and frame, ultimately ending in structural collapse.
  • Construction Safety and Complexity – Overall, the process for post-frame construction is simple. However, some process aspects are more dangerous or complex than others. For example, construction sometimes requires contractors to connect posts and columns at significant heights and similar scenarios.
The inside of the roof of a post-frame structure, with materials from Anthem Built, a Construction Supply Company in Illinois

How Can Anthem Built Help?

Anthem Built has been hard at work developing exceptional components and tools that can be used throughout the post-frame industry. To address some of the worst concerns with post-frame construction, we created products that contribute to the repair, care and construction of durable columns and stable foundations.

  • Components for Column Repair – Anthem Built’s Repair Sleeves, Column Covers and Repair Sockets all contribute to the strength and longevity of your building’s wood columns. Unfortunately, wood rot is pervasive; once it affects your columns, it’s too late to remove it. However, rather than cutting or replacing your columns, a combination of Anthem Built’s repair products can reinforce and protect wood from further deterioration.
  • Parts for Foundation Replacement and Care – If the foundation of your structure fails, the rest of your frame will come down with it! As such, protecting and preserving your building’s base proves crucial to its success. And while parts like grade boards work to protect and stabilize your column bases and foundation, they are suspectable to wood rot. Conversely, Anthem Built produces Grade Boards made from 10-gauge galvanized steel, able to withstand deterioration and stay perfectly straight for years.
  • Additional Construction Products – With our line of post-frame products, the goal of our construction supply company in Illinois is to allow contractors greater convenience, speed and safety when erecting a structure. Our unique grade boards, purlins, connectors, and additional components allow contractors to work smarter, not harder. Ultimately, investing in our new construction post-frame products can help your business more affordably create higher-quality structures.

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