Post-Frame Buildings Champaign IL

Maximize the Potential of Post-Frame Buildings in Champaign IL

Post-frame construction is the simple, affordable, and practical building solution contractors and property owners across the Midwest are embracing! From agricultural storage to commercial office space, post-frame buildings in Champaign IL are on the rise, able to meet and exceed the needs of those using them. However, even post-frame construction has its fair share of challenges. As such, Anthem Built, Illinois’ premier building supply company, has developed a bevy of exceptional products that further streamline post-frame construction. Call today to learn how!

Post-Frame Buildings Champaign IL

Why Choose Post-Frame Construction?

If the question is whether post-frame construction is suitable for your property or business, it absolutely is! Post-frame structures’ simplistic yet durable design lends to their incredible convenience, versatility and affordability. Plus, these unique structures help businesses create functional, energy-efficient spaces that can withstand the Midwest’s harshest weather conditions, and that’s not all:

  • Reduced Construction Time – Post-frame buildings have a quicker installation time than traditional construction methods due to fewer foundation requirements and pre-engineered components.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – With less labor and materials required for the basic structure, post-frame construction can be more cost-efficient, providing significant savings.
  • Durability – Engineered to withstand extreme weather, these buildings feature large solid posts that offer superior strength and stability.
  • Energy Efficiency – Post-frame construction provides ample insulation, resulting in energy savings and a comfortable interior climate year-round.
  • Flexibility in Design – Open, clear-span interiors enable endless floor plan possibilities without needing interior load-bearing walls, ideal for warehouses, gyms, and agricultural facilities.
  • Adaptability – Easily modified and expanded, post-frame buildings can adapt to the changing needs of a business without the need for extensive renovations.

How We Innovate on Post-Frame Construction Techniques

Post-frame construction’s design and building process haven’t changed much in recent decades. As such, some “less-than-reliable” construction practices for post-frame buildings haven’t been corrected and continue to plague contractors. Anthem Built noticed this stagnation in the post-frame industry and set out to change it! We began developing exceptional products to improve, simplify, or make the processes for construction, repair, and foundation replacement for post-frame structures safer. We are committed to the utmost quality with everything we create, promising the best post-frame products in the Midwest.

Our Exceptional Products

Anthem Built has you covered when you need high-quality, long-lasting components for your post-frame buildings in Champaign, IL! For repair and new construction, we provide:

Post-Frame Buildings Champaign IL
  • Column Repair Sleeves – Unfortunately, wood columns can easily rot due to overexposure to moisture or being set into the ground with bacterial growth and insects. Our Repair Sleeves provide reinforcement and protection for rotted wood columns, helping strengthen otherwise weakened posts.
  • Column Covers – In addition to Repair Sleeves, our Column Covers contribute to contractors’ rotted column repair efforts. Using a Cover with a Repair Sleeve, you completely enclose your wood columns with galvanized steel, helping them resist moisture and other factors that influence deterioration.
  • Repair Sockets – By attaching a Repair Socket to the base of columns sitting on concrete foundations, you can create an especially strong connection. Even if parts of your column base have begun to rot, our Repair Sockets can help correct connection and stability issues.
  • Galvanized Grade Boards – Standard grade boards stabilize your column base and foundation. However, when wood warps or deteriorates, it can cause your columns to misalign. Our Galvanized Grade Boards have no such issues, being constructed of galvanized steel and resistant to moisture and termites.

Get Started with Anthem Built!

Contractors can construct and repair any post-frame building in Champaign IL with ease, thanks to the innovative components provided by Anthem Built. To learn more about our products or to find an installer of Anthem Built parts near you, call 309-463-2777. Or, if you wish to become an Anthem Built installer yourself, see our online form for more info.