Post-Frame Construction Springfield IL

Simplify and Improve Post-Frame Construction in Springfield IL with Anthem Built

Are you a property owner looking to update your existing post-frame structures? Do you perform construction work but are looking for ways to improve post-frame construction in Springfield IL? It sounds like you need the best post-frame tools and components from Anthem Built! At Anthem Built, we design innovative products with the goal of turning your design and construction from ordinary to extraordinary. Don’t just settle for “the average.” Make the most of your post-frame buildings with exceptional post-frame products from Anthem Built!

Ongoing Post-Frame Construction in Springfield IL

What Are Your Post-Frame Needs?

Depending on the type of post-frame work you wish to provide, Anthem Built can provide you with products best suited to your needs. Our team has developed specialized components that help streamline various post-frame processes and continues to design innovative components to this day. As such, our products best assist contractors and property owners with:

  • New Construction – Post-frame construction has changed little since the 1950s. As such, certain aspects of the process haven’t evolved much, either! For example, setting columns into the ground, while being done less, is still a feature of many old and new structures and creates issues with wood rot. However, by using some of our parts to protect your columns after placement, you can avoid these issues in the future.
  • Post-Frame Repair – While you can catch an issue before starting new construction, it’s too late for older structures. As such, older post-frame buildings will likely need column repair before too long. If such is the case with your existing structures, Anthem Built can help. Our post-frame repair products help contractors and property owners avoid otherwise costly column replacement and excavation, instead opting for a more affordable and practical solution.
  • Foundation Replacement – The base of your frame’s posts is at risk of deterioration due to moisture, insects and bacterial growth. Often, replacing portions of your foundation is the only viable solution to correcting issues with structural stability. Thanks to Anthem Built, we make foundation replacement an easier process with parts that not only reinforce your columns’ base but protect it, too.

Our Featured Products

Anthem Built’s products provide everything you need for quality, straightforward post-frame construction in Springfield IL. From our Repair Sleeves to our Grade Boards, we can add extra strength and longevity to any new or existing post-frame building. Examples of our products include:

The inside of a structure after recent Post-Frame Construction in Springfield IL
  • Repair Sleeves – By affixing one of our Repair Sleeves to a rotted wood column, you reinforce it stronger than before! Our Repair Sleeves are the preferred alternative to column replacement, providing contractors with a legitimate repair solution.
  • Column Covers – Our Column Covers are designed to be used with our Repair Sleeves. By attaching both to your frame’s wood posts, you create a complete enclosure for the columns. This further reinforces it and helps prevent continued rotting due to exposure to moisture, insects and fungus.
  • Repair Sockets – To guarantee a solid, safe and secure connection between your columns and a concrete foundation, builders utilize our Repair Sockets. A Repair Socket is designed to fit over the base of a column, protecting and strengthening it and securely attaching it to a firm concrete base.
  • Galvanized Grade Boards – A grade board is always attached to the base of your columns. However, standard wood grade boards are just as at risk to rot as wood columns, jeopardizing your structure’s stability. Conversely, our Grade Boards use galvanized steel, completely resistant to outside influence and keep your columns straight and in place.

Count on Anthem Built

Why should you settle for more work and lower-quality post-frame construction in Springfield IL? Instead, invest in Anthem Built’s exceptional post-frame products for the best, most durable, most reliable structures. To learn more about our products and how you can have them installed for your building, call 815-780-0206 to find an Anthem Built installer near you. Or, if you wish to become an Anthem Built installer yourself, see our online form for more info.