Post-Frame Construction Champaign IL

Are You Looking to Improve Post-Frame Construction in Champaign IL?

What’s not to love about post-frame construction in Champaign IL? It’s affordable, less labor intensive, and produces durable, long-lasting structures. Industries throughout Illinois and the Midwest have embraced post-frame construction, utilizing it to build storage buildings, industrial facilities, warehouses, commercial office spaces, and much more. However, as exceptional as post-frame construction is, there are aspects of it that need improving. That’s why Anthem Built, Central Illinois’s go-to post-frame supply company, designs and manufactures new and innovative products for post-frame construction, repair and foundation replacement. Learn more by calling today!

Recent Post-Frame Construction in Champaign IL using products from Anthem Built

Why Innovation in Post-Frame Construction is Important

As effective and practical as post-frame construction is, little has been done to change it in the past several decades. However, as our post-frame buildings have aged, issues with initial construction have begun to plague contractors and property owners alike. Worse yet, those same building practices are still being implemented without any correction or adjustment! For example, a structure’s primary support, its columns, are often set directly in the ground. However, doing so risks wood rot and deterioration, leading to problems with structural stability. Anthem Built aims to correct such issues through our quality post-frame component designs.

How Anthem Built is Doing Our Part

As mentioned, Anthem Built designs and manufactures unique products specially designed for post-frame construction in Champaign IL and throughout the Midwest. Our product designs aim to simplify aspects of post-frame construction, make repair of rotted wood columns a viable option, and create a safer work environment for contractors overall. As such, some of our featured products include:

  • Column Repair Sleeves – You avoid replacing the post by attaching an Anthem Built Repair Sleeve to a rotted wood column. Instead, the repair sleeve strengthens and reinforces your frame, counteracting wood rot without requiring extensive excavation for your building’s columns.
  • Column Covers – Once the Repair Sleeve is in place, contractors attach a column cover to the last exposed side of a post. In doing so, we encapsulate entirely a wood column. Not only does this add further strength to your frame, but it protects your columns from factors that further exasperate rot.
  • Repair Sockets – Wood rot can even impact columns not set directly in soil. If your structure has a concrete foundation, you can take advantage of Anthem Built’s Repair Sockets. By attaching a Socket to a column’s base, you provide a stronger and longer-lasting connection while also correcting areas of deterioration.
  • Galvanized Grade Boards – Grade boards are an essential connection point for your columns and foundation and help keep columns aligned even as soil or foundations shift. However, wood grade boards can fall victim to wood rot, the same as your columns. Thankfully, our Galvanized Grade Boards (made of galvanized steel) are resistant to wood rot.
Post-Frame Construction in Champaign IL using Repair Sleeves to reinforce wood columns

Does Post-Frame Construction Suit Your Needs?

Few businesses couldn’t benefit from the use of post-frame buildings. These structures’ exceptional energy efficiency, durability, and versatility have made them popular for Midwestern businesses looking to build or expand their property/facility capabilities. As such, some popular uses for post-frame buildings include:

  • Agricultural Facilities
  • Automotive Shops and Garages
  • Storage Facilities
  • Offices and Retail Spaces
  • Warehouses and Distribution Centers
  • Residential Living Spaces
  • And More

Reach Out to Anthem Built

If considering an investment in post-frame construction in Champaign IL, maximize your structures’ potential when using Anthem Built’s line of innovative post-frame products. To learn more about our products or find an Anthem Built installer near you, call 815-780-0206. Or, if you wish to become an Anthem Built installer yourself, see our online form for more info.