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As simple and effective as post-frame construction is, these structures come with their “issues.” Repairing or restoring old post-frame buildings with rotting wood columns is a concern of contractors across the Midwest. Unfortunately, few unique or specific solutions can help with this issue. However, that’s now changing with Anthem Built’s innovative post-frame products. As one of the go-to construction supply companies in Champaign IL, and the Midwest, Anthem Built can supply you with products that meet your structure’s precise needs.

A bunch of Column Repair Sleeves, provided by Anthem Built, a Post-Frame Construction Supply Company in Champaign IL

The Unfortunate Truth About Old Post-Frame Construction

Post-frame buildings are known for their incredible strength and wind resistance, as well as their versatility and ease of construction and maintenance. However, since the 1950s, many contractors built their structure’s original frames by installing wood columns directly into the ground. Even if using treated wood, direct exposure to the soil will wear on your columns, sapping any treatment and making your frame susceptible to wood rot. Even today, contractors are still constructing post-frame structures with columns set in the ground, dealing with the consequences years later. Anthem Built’s products address this common issue with post-frame construction and repair.

What Can Anthem Built’s Products Do?

Anthem Built’s exceptional post-frame products are the result of more than 35 years of real-world contractor experience. We noticed some of the most common issues in post-frame construction and developed components to counter or assist with these problems. As a construction supply company for Champaign IL, our equipment proves exceptional when addressing concerns related to repairing columns, replacing column foundations, and beginning new construction.

Construction Supply Company Champaign IL
  • Repair Columns – If your wood columns suffer from rot and deterioration due to moisture, bacteria and insects, you must repair and protect them ASAP! Rather than dealing with expensive and time-consuming excavation and replacement efforts, your columns can easily be repaired using Anthem Built’s Column Repair Sleeves and Column Covers. By reinforcing and encasing the affected portion of your columns, you restore their stability and prevent further wood rot.
  • Replace Column Foundations – The base of your post-frame structure and columns is essential to its overall stability. However, when these areas become compromised, the entirety of your structure is at risk for failure or collapse. Anthem Built can easily restore and replace your column foundations using our Repair Sleeves and Galvanized Grade Boards. These components strengthen and protect columns while correcting settlement or misalignment issues for your base and frame.
  • Contribute to New Construction – While some post-frame construction designs now set wood columns in or above concrete bases, plenty of contractors still choose to set columns directly in the ground. However, these same contractors can now protect their columns from the start by utilizing Anthem Built’s array of column products. Our different grade boards, purlins, connectors and post-frame components help to streamline and improve much of the post-frame construction process.

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Instead of relying on less specialized building supply companies in Champaign IL for your post-frame materials and components, count on Anthem Built for the most innovative products! If you want to use Anthem Built products for your next repair job or construction project, find a contractor near you by calling 309-463-2777. Or, if you want to become an Anthem Built installer yourself, fill out our online form!