Post-Frame Column Repair Champaign IL

Find the Best Components for Post-Frame Column Repair in Champaign IL

As your post-frame structure ages, are you doing everything possible to ensure its continued strength and longevity? Although it’s true that post-frame buildings are some of the most durable, able to withstand extreme winds, heavy snow, and various severe weather conditions, one flaw continues to plague contractors: rotting wood posts. While there are few options for rotted columns, Anthem Built is the only building supply company offering products directly addressing post-frame column repair in Champaign IL and the Midwest. To learn more, call Anthem Built today!

A structure with its columns reinforced by Repair Sleeves, part of Post-Frame Column Repair in Champaign IL

Wood Rot: The Bane of Post-Frame Columns

Since the 1950s, contractors across the country utilized post-frame construction to develop high-quality industrial and commercial buildings (more recently for residential). However, one common construction technique that keeps returning to haunt contractors is the direct placement of wood columns in the ground. Even when using laminated or treated wood, direct exposure to the soil will sap the treatment from wood and leave it vulnerable to moisture, bacteria and insects. Worse yet, when wood rot impacts a column, time- and cost-intensive excavation and replacement are some of the only solutions. For this reason, Anthem Built created an alternative to “standard” column repair.

The Solution for Rotting Wood Columns

Anthem Built’s Repair Sleeves, Column Covers, Galvanized Grade Boards and Repair Sockets are the solution to post-frame column repair in Champaign IL! Our unique products are specifically designed to address the issues with wood rot and help prevent further deterioration. See our products for yourself and how they can improve the strength and stability of your structure:

A structure having undergone recent Post-Frame Column Repair in Champaign IL
  • Column Repair Sleeves – These unique post-frame products allow contractors to easily repair and reinforce wood columns without extensive cutting or excavation. Made from corrugated, 10-gauge galvanized steel and developed for all lengths and sizes, our repair sleeves attach to your column, increasing your frame’s strength and separating your wood columns from direct soil contact. Additionally, when a Column Cover is attached to your repair sleeve, you can completely encase and protect your columns from outside influence.
  • Repair Sockets – If your columns are set in or near a concrete foundation, Anthem Built’s Repair Sockets can help reinforce the strength of your column’s base. You create a more durable and long-lasting connection by anchoring columns to your structure’s foundation. Best of all, our Repair Sockets work great when paired with our entire column repair system. Repair Sockets are quick to install and require minimal labor or materials.
  • Galvanized Grade Boards – More for restoring and replacing you’re the base of your columns, our Galvanized Grade Boards get the job done right. Rather than rely on traditional wood grade boards, which are susceptible to wood rot, our Galvanized Grade Boards are resistant to moisture and insects. Furthermore, rot and warping don’t impact our boards, ensuring they are always straight and not compromising your structure’s stability. Also, our Galvanized Grade Boards help prevent misalignment and settling of your frame’s columns.

Anthem Built Has You Covered

The answer to your post-frame column repair in Champaign IL is simple: strengthen and restore your wood columns with Anthem Built’s exceptional post-frame products! To learn more about our column repair system or to find an expert, experienced Anthem Built installer near you, call 309-463-2777. Or, if you are interested in becoming an Anthem Built installer yourself, fill out our online form!