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A Building Supply Company for Champaign IL Creating Innovative Post-Frame Solutions

If you’re a contractor offering post-frame services, you’re always looking for the best, most useful and most reliable components for building construction, repair and maintenance. Unfortunately, you might be stuck searching, as relatively little has changed with post-frame construction in the last few decades. However, that’s where Anthem Built differs. As a post-frame building supply company for Champaign IL, we design and produce exceptional post-frame products you can’t find anywhere else. To see our products in action, call Anthem Built today!

Newly installed grade boards, produced by Anthem Built, a Building Supply Company in Champaign IL

The Advantages of Post-Frame Construction

Much of post-frame buildings’ popularity has to do with the benefits the construction process and final build provide for property owners and contractors. Aspects like project completion time, structure strength, and materials all contribute to the exceptional nature of post-frame construction. When building a new garage, workshop or warehouse, you can expect:

  • Versatility – Businesses use post-frame structures in various applications and for numerous industries. Homeowners have begun to embrace post-frame homes, as well.
  • Strength & Durability – A well-constructed post-frame building can stand the test of time and withstand the harshest weather conditions, thanks to the integrity of your frame’s design.
  • Fast Construction – Property owners wanting to utilize their new buildings right away prefer post-frame construction. Minimal material and labor requirements enable faster project turnarounds.
  • Low Maintenance – As long as your structure’s design is solid and you’re using the right components, there’s little you must maintain or upkeep.
  • Affordability – If budget is a concern, post-frame construction is incredibly affordable and cost-effective, thanks to a reduced need for materials and labor, bringing project costs down.

Turning Ordinary to Extraordinary

A post-frame structure, that has used a Building Supply Company in Champaign IL for innovative new products and materials

Although post-frame construction is already a reliable and effective process, why not improve and perfect it? At Anthem Built, we believe the post-frame industry deserves more innovation! As a building supply company for Champaign IL, we design unique post-frame products to improve aesthetics, increase quality, and ensure the safety of contractors. We create parts that simplify post-frame construction and maintenance by addressing common concerns of post-frame buildings, like column repair and foundation replacement.

  • Column Repair – If your columns are continually exposed to excessive moisture, they’re significantly more likely to deteriorate. Unfortunately, wood rot in post-frame columns is a common occurrence for most structures in the Midwest; once wood rot begins, there’s no getting rid of it. However, rather than cutting or replacing your columns, you can reinforce and protect them using our Repair Sleeves, Column Covers and Repair Sockets.
  • Foundation Replacement – A strong foundation is essential for a durable, long-lasting structure. But, if your post-frame building was built on loose, shifting, expansive soil, your foundation is more likely to shift and sink. As a result, your structure’s columns misalign, your frame and foundation undergo more stress, and structure collapse becomes a real possibility. Thankfully, our Galvanized Grade Boards and additional foundation replacement products can stabilize and secure your building’s base.
  • New Construction – With every product Anthem Built designs, we aim to simplify or improve steps as part of the post-frame construction process. To this end, we produce specialized anchors, connectors, purlins, grade boards, and additional components that seamlessly integrate into any post-frame design. You can expect a construction process that’s quicker and more reliable than before.


Create opportunities for growth and improvement in your post-frame process, thanks to the parts and components produced by the best post-frame building supply company for Champaign IL. To learn more about our company and products or to find an Anthem Built Installer near you, call 309-463-2777. Or, if you wish to become an Anthem Built installer yourself, fill out our online form.