Post-Frame Repair Champaign IL

Find the Best Solutions for Post-Frame Repair in Champaign IL

When it comes to high-quality, innovative post-frame parts and components, Midwestern contractors count on the go-to post-frame supply company in Central Illinois: Anthem Built! Anthem Built believes in making ordinary products extraordinary by introducing our line of beneficial post-frame products. By using items such as our Repair Sleeves or Column Covers, contractors and property owners can effectively tackle post-frame repair in Champaign IL, and help construct new structures that are more reliable than the last! To start investing in exceptional post-frame products, call Anthem Built today!

The inside of a structure having undergone recent Post-Frame Repair in Champaign IL

Why Might Repair Be Necessary?

As your post-frame buildings age, several issues could begin to occur. One prevalent issue that continues to confound contractors is the intrusion of wood rot in a structure’s columns. Unfortunately, if your building’s primary columns have begun to deteriorate, the entire stability of your structure becomes compromised. The issue of wood rot is often made worse due to how contractors construct post-frame structures.

As post-frame buildings’ design and construction process is relatively simplistic, buildings don’t always require a solid foundation. Instead, the primary support for a building is gained by setting the columns for a frame directly in the ground. While this may prove effective for structural stability, the chance of wood rot is exponentially increased by exposing wood to moisture, insects, and bacteria in the ground. And if you’ve constructed or worked on post-frame buildings for any time, you understand how rotted columns often require otherwise expensive and time-consuming replacement. However, Anthem Built looks to counteract such issues.

How Anthem Built Products Make a Difference

At Anthem Built, our products for post-frame repair in Champaign IL target the most pervasive issue for post-frame contractors: wood rot. While we can’t reverse wood rot if it’s already started, we can at least counteract its effects and repair your columns without requiring extensive excavation and replacement. As such, our main repair product offerings include:

Repair Sleeves used for Post-Frame Repair in Champaign IL
  • Column Repair Sleeves – Using an Anthem Built Repair Sleeve, contractors can repair and strengthen rotted wood columns with minimal effort. By attaching a Sleeve to a column, it’s reinforced using galvanized steel, helping with your structure’s stability and uplift strength.
  • Column Covers – Additionally, our Repair Sleeves can be paired with our Column Covers. A Column Cover fits over the area of a column that is left exposed, creating a complete metal enclosure for the post. Not only does this further increase your column’s strength, but it helps protect it from further deterioration.
  • Repair Sockets – Instead of covering columns in the ground, Anthem Built’s Repair Sockets protect columns placed on a concrete foundation. Additionally, our Repair Sockets enable more secure connections between a column’s base and your structure’s foundation.
  • Galvanized Grade Boards – Grade boards are used in post-frame construction to help keep your columns straight and secure. However, standard grade boards are susceptible to the same problems that affect wood columns. As such, Anthem Built’s Galvanized Grade Boards are made from 100% galvanized steel.

Optimize Post-Frame Repair with Anthem Built

When it comes to affordable, practical, long-lasting solutions for post-frame repair in Champaign IL, avoiding column replacement and excavation, Anthem Built can help! Call Anthem Built today at 309-463-2777 to ask about installers near you. Or, if you wish to become an Anthem Built installer yourself, see our online form for more info.