What is Post-Frame Construction?

Should You Consider Post-Frame Construction for New Projects?

More than the barns and agricultural structures on a farm, pole buildings have come a long way! In fact, post-frame construction has grown in popularity across the Midwest and many parts of the United States, offering usage beyond the agricultural storage. From large industrial facilities and commercial structures to small sheds and residential homes, post-frame construction is a vital building method for modern contractors. However, what is post-frame construction, and why are so many property owners choosing it? Allow Anthem Built to provide its insight.

A shed built using post-frame construction in the Midwest

Post-Frame & Its Components

Post-frame construction is a building technique that uses large posts or poles, which are buried into the ground or set on a concrete foundation. These posts are the primary support for the structure’s exterior walls and roof. This method allows for large, open interior spaces free from load-bearing walls, making it an efficient choice for various building types. The most crucial components of post-frame buildings include:

  • Posts and Foundations – The backbone of any post-frame building, these large posts or poles are deeply buried into the ground for stability or set on a concrete foundation. They provide the primary support for the structure.
  • Trusses – Trusses are essential for roof structure. They span the width of the building and transfer roof loads to the posts. They enable the vast, open spaces characteristic of post-frame buildings.
  • Column Connections – These connections are critical for the building’s structural integrity. They securely attach the trusses to the posts and redistribute force from high wind events.
  • Purlins – Positioned horizontally, purlins are attached to the trusses and support the roof system while significantly dispersing wind force.
  • Fasteners – High-quality fasteners are crucial for the durability and longevity of post-frame structures. They ensure that all components, including posts, trusses, and purlins, are secure.

What Are the Advantages of Using Post-Frame Structures?

Multiple factors at play influence the decision of property owners to choose post-frame construction over other reliable construction techniques. From affordability to the versatility and convenience of a structure, there’s plenty to love about post-frame construction. Some of the advantages that contractors and property owners consider when investing in pole buildings include:

The interior of a post-frame building with repair sleeves attached to its columns
  • With or Without Foundation – Post-frame structures can choose between including a concrete base or relying on the frame for the majority of support and keeping a dirt floor. Depending on the soil composition and planned usage for your building, contractors can help determine what’s best for your structure.
  • Incredible Strength – The combination of posts and trusses helps create a structural frame that’s tough, durable, and difficult to topple. As such, post-frame structures are great for resisting heavy loads and severe weather conditions that result from snow storms, wind storms, etc.
  • Versatile Designs – Because the primary design for post-frame buildings is so simplistic, it allows for plenty of customization. In turn, these structures are incredibly versatile and can support several commercial, industrial, and residential uses.
  • Quick & Affordable Construction – Post-frame construction is unique from other building methods, requiring less labor and materials. This means two things for property owners and contractors: less time required to complete construction and reduced costs associated with building supplies and labor demands.
  • Excellent Heating & Cooling – Post-frame construction offers excellent insulation capabilities. The spacing between posts and the absence of studs allow for large areas of insulation, with fewer areas where heat can transfer. As such, post-frame buildings (if insulated) contribute to greater energy savings.

Simplify Construction with Anthem Built

Anthem Built intimately understands post-frame construction and creates unique, high-quality components to streamline the process. Seeing a lack of innovation in the post-frame industry, Anthem Built set out to create specialized products to simplify and improve aspects of post-frame construction. Our parts and components directly contribute to new construction, column repair, and foundation replacement.

If you are interested in post-frame construction and wish to create the most durable buildings in Illinois and the Midwest, count on Anthem Built for support. Call 815-780-0206 to find an Anthem Built installer near you. Alternatively, you can complete our online form to start the process of becoming an Anthem Built Installer yourself.