Post-Frame Building Supplies Champaign IL

Do You Require Innovative Post-Frame Building Supplies in Champaign IL?

Post-frame construction throughout Illinois and the Midwest is growing in popularity! From cozy pole-barn homes to large industrial warehouses, post-frame construction has significant versatility. Best of all, with post-frame building supplies in Champaign IL supplied by Anthem Built, post-frame construction has never been easier! If interested in the best products for repairing, replacing, and constructing post-frame buildings, look no further than Anthem Built.

A pile of Repair Sleeves, part of Anthem Built's Post-Frame Building Supplies in Champaign IL

Products to Streamline the Post-Frame Process

Anthem Built’s post-frame components are unique to anything else you’ll find on the market. Everything we produce is quality-tested and approved, guaranteeing the strength and stability of structures where Anthem Built products are utilized. Whether your contractors need an effective solution to post-frame repair or want to stabilize and replace column foundations, our post-frame building supplies in Champaign IL can help!

  • Column Repair Sleeves – Older post-frame structures often have wood columns set into the ground. Over time, the soil’s moisture, insects and bacteria eat away at the wood, severely compromising the integrity of your frame and columns. If this occurs, affixing Column Repair Sleeves to your columns is the optimal solution. Our Repair Sleeves protect and reinforce wood columns impacted by rot and deterioration.
  • Column Covers – Besides Repair Sleeves, Anthem Built’s Column Covers can further strengthen your structure’s weakened frame. Our Column Covers seamlessly connect with Repair Sleeves, completely enclosing a wood column with galvanized steel. In doing so, the most susceptible portions of wood columns are protected, and the advancement of wood rot is significantly slowed or stopped.
  • Repair Sockets – If your columns aren’t properly secured to your structure’s base (if it’s concrete), you can benefit from Anthem Built’s Repair Sockets. Our Repair Sockets help anchor your columns in place without having to perform excavation or repour concrete. Additionally, if you already have Repair Sleeves affixed to your column, our repair sockets can easily attach to the metal, creating a secure and long-lasting connection.
  • Galvanized Grade Boards – Standard wood grade boards work for a time, but even they are susceptible to wood rot, being so close to the base of your structure. For this reason, Anthem Built produces our Galvanized Grade Boards. Each grade board is made from 100% galvanized steel, guaranteeing exceptional strength and resistance to moisture. Not only do our Grade Boards protect column foundations, but they also allow for the correction of building settlement and column misalignment.
A warehouse being repaired using Anthem Built Post-Frame Building Supplies in Champaign IL

Why Choose Anthem Built?

Anthem Built isn’t your average Midwestern building supply company. Seeing the state of post-frame construction and realizing some stagnation in the industry, Anthem Built set out to instigate change. To this end, we developed exceptional post-frame products to streamline and improve parts of the post-frame construction process. With strength, reliability, and convenience in mind, we develop new and innovative products that push the post-frame industry forward.

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Why take your chances with post-frame building supplies in Champaign IL that don’t do precisely what you need them to? Instead, find exceptional products targeting column repair, foundation replacement and new post-frame construction across the Midwest. Contact the post-frame experts at Anthem Built at 309-463-2777 to learn more. Or, if you wish to become an Anthem Built installer yourself, fill out our online form.