Post Frame Column Replacement Champaign IL

What Options Are There for Post Frame Column Replacement in Champaign IL?

Anthem Built  galvanized grade boards and repair sleeves offer one of the best solutions for post frame column replacement in Champaign IL. Unfortunately, many post frame buildings suffer from structural integrity due to rotted wood posts. The exposure to ground water weakens and decays the wood columns supporting the structure.
Our column repair sleeves are 10-gauge galvanized steel. They can reinforce sections of the column that have deteriorated, helping to you avoid cutting out or totally replacing the column. Meanwhile, our galvanized grade boards offer the perfect solution if you prefer replacement of decayed boards at the perimeter of your property. Our galvanized grade boards allow you to avoid the type of decay experienced with wood grade boards. Plus, they prevent damage from termites and other pests. For more information, email Anthem Built today at

Post Frame Column Replacement Champaign IL

What Are Galvanized Grade Boards?

Our galvanized boards are made of 14-gauge galvanized steel and corrugated for extra durability and strength. They serve as a permanent solution for post frame column replacement in Champaign IL. Their design enhances the building’s uplift components with built-in uplift anchors. As a result, the foundation becomes ever more structurally sound. In addition, here are some of the most compelling benefits provided by our galvanized grade boards:

  • Damage Resistance – Our galvanized grade boards are both water resistant and 100% resistant to termite damage.
  • Visual Appeal – Our grade boards system aligns together seamlessly, ensuring a smooth look without fasteners visible from the exterior.
  • Versatility – We offer galvanized grade boards available in lengths up to 24 feet. Plus, we include connectors and board corners that contractors can easily apply around the perimeter of your building without the use of special tools.

What Are Post Frame Repair Sleeves?

Anthem Built’s repair sleeves are a breakthrough product that reinforces damaged wood, giving you an alternative to total post frame column replacement in Champaign IL. They allow for a long-lasting, efficient repair without the need to cut or replace rotted column portions. When contractors apply a repair sleeve, it corrects column settlement problems and strengthens the frame. Plus, our products are compatible with all kinds of post frame buildings. We offer column repair sleeves in many different lengths and dimensions, allowing them to work with existing laminated, solid, or round wood posts. So, contact Anthem Built when you need pole barn repair or repair for post frame construction to hear more about our products.

Post Frame Column Replacement Champaign IL

What Are Repair Sockets?

Repair sockets work along with repair sleeves to provide an alternative to total post frame replacement in Champaign IL. Instead of pulling columns out and repouring concrete for new columns, Repair Sockets anchor your column to a foundation or concrete floor. They are easy to install, incredible versatile for use in a variety of post frame buildings, and easy to install. Along with repair sleeves and column covers, they form a perfect solution at a more affordable price than completely cutting out and replacing post frame columns.

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