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Achieve True Post-Frame Repair in Springfield IL

As your post-frame structures age, some maintenance will likely be required. However, more severe issues with your building, such as rotted posts part of your frame, can require more extensive repair services. Unfortunately for property owners, there’s no easy way to fix deterioration, meaning column replacement is one of the only viable solutions, which can be costly and time-consuming. Conversely, if you wish to provide true post-frame repair in Springfield IL, with no excavation required, talk with Anthem Built about our selection of innovative products. Call today!

The inside of a structure with recent Post-Frame Repair in Springfield IL using products from Anthem Built

Wood Rot & Post-Frame Construction

As effective as a construction technique post-frame construction is, it hasn’t changed much since the 1950s. However, that lack of change has come with a few drawbacks. For example, a common building practice for older post-frame buildings (and some newer ones) was to set wooden posts directly into the ground to provide the primary structural support for your structure. While this does the trick, it doesn’t factor in one significant concern for wood materials: wood rot! Because columns are set into the ground, many existing structures face deterioration due to:

  • Fungus & Bacterial Growth – There’s more in the soil under your feet than you might think. For example, fungi and bacteria make moist soil their home. Now, add a wood column, fueling an entire ecosystem that will eat away at your structural supports.
  • Termites & Insects – Termites and many wood-eating insects make the earth their home. By placing columns directly in soil, you’re inviting those same pests to an endless smorgasbord of tasty wood to eat!
  • Climate & Moisture – Even for newer post-frame structures, where columns are placed on a concrete base or foundation, there’s still a risk of wood rot due to exposure to certain weather conditions. Unfortunately, Midwestern climates are known for their excessive moisture output.

Once wood rot affects your columns, little can be done. Wood rot can’t be reversed and will only worsen if not addressed. For property owners, this means column replacement is the only viable solution, which can be expensive and timely. Thankfully, with Anthem Built products, you can repair wood columns without replacing or excavating them.

What Anthem Built Offers

At Anthem Built, we believe in making ordinary products extraordinary. Our components are designed with safety, simplicity, and effectiveness in mind. We enable contractors to provide true post-frame repairs in Springfield IL, with our line of products, including:

The inside of a structure using products for Post-Frame Repair in Springfield IL
  • Repair Sleeves – Anthem Built’s Repair Sleeves are the pride of our repair offerings. By fitting a Sleeve over an existing column, a bond between the metal and wood is created, reinforcing your column and restoring much of its strength without replacing rotted sections.
  • Column Covers – Besides our Repair Sleeves, we offer Column Covers to provide the ultimate protection for your posts. Our Column Covers work with our Repair Sleeves to completely enclose a column, protecting it from moisture, insects, etc.
  • Repair Sockets – A Repair Socket works best for post-frame structures utilizing concrete foundations. The Repair Socket fits onto the bottom of a rotting column, covering a portion of the deterioration and creating the most secure connection between the column and base.
  • Galvanized Grade Boards – Because standard grade boards are made of wood, they’re just as likely to deteriorate as much as your wood columns are! As such, our Grade Boards are made from galvanized steel, ensuring they don’t rot and can keep your columns straight.

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Why waste time and money on replacing your structure’s columns when affordable and effective components for post-frame repair in Springfield IL are available? To implement long-lasting repairs with help from Anthem Built’s innovative products, contact us at 815-780-0206 to find an Anthem Built installer near you. Or, if you wish to become an Anthem Built installer yourself, see our online form for more info.