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High-Quality Products for Long-Lasting Column Repair in Springfield IL

There’s no denying the exceptional versatility and durability of post-frame structures; it’s why so many contractors prefer this construction method! However, even post-frame buildings have their issues. For example, a frame’s columns can be incredibly susceptible to wood rot and deterioration, leading to problems with structural stability. Thankfully, with high-quality products for column repair in Springfield IL, contractors and property owners can easily counter rotted wood columns. Call Anthem Built today about our innovative post-frame repair products.

The inside of a structure having undergone recent Column Repair in Springfield IL

How Wood Rot is Handled in Post-Frame Construction

As practical and reliable as post-frame construction is, little has been changed about the process since the 1950s. While this might sound like a testament to the enduring capabilities of post-frame construction, some “less-than-reliable” building practices have also been passed down. For example, setting wood columns directly in the ground. Many old post-frame buildings and some newer ones, with wood columns set in soil, are at an increased risk for deterioration. This is due to factors like:

  • Termites & Insects – The wood-eating pests that live in soil will turn your wood columns into an all-you-can-eat buffet if unprotected. As insects eat away at wood, its strength becomes severely compromised.
  • Fungus and Bacterial Growth – Besides insects eating away at wood, so does fungus and bacterial growth. Both are abundant in soil, as is moisture, creating the perfect growth conditions and eating away at your columns’ bases.
  • Weather Conditions – If climate and weather conditions are especially cold and damp (like winter in the Midwest), wood columns are more likely to suck in moisture. As such, this can trigger further deterioration caused by insects and bacteria, even when not set directly in soil.

When wood rot occurs, little can be done for your columns. As rot and deterioration cannot be reversed, most property owners must opt for column replacement, which can be expensive. Worse yet, if you aren’t taking other measures to protect newly replaced columns, they’ll experience deterioration again! That’s where Anthem Built can assist.

Our Exceptional Column Repair Products

When it comes to column repair in Springfield IL, Anthem Built designs and manufactures a line of quality, practical, and affordable products. Components like our Repair Sleeves or Sockets can reinforce your structure’s frame while preventing further wood rot. Some of these unique repair products include:

A wood column with a Repair Socket, having undergone Column Repair in Springfield IL
  • Repair Sleeves – With Repair Sleeves, you can reinforce large sections of your wood columns. Our Repair Sleeves effortlessly affix to your column, covering rotted areas and strengthening your columns without replacing large sections of deterioration.
  • Column Covers – After placing a Repair Sleeve, the reinforcement is complete with our additional Column Covers. By using Column Covers with Repair Sleeves, you completely enclose your columns. Not only does this contribute to your columns’ strength, but it protects wood from further rotting.
  • Repair Sockets – Designed for use with columns connected to a concrete base, our Repair Sockets add greater strength and longevity to those connections. A Repair Socket is attached to the base of columns, firmly securing them to an existing, solid base.
  • Galvanized Grade Boards – Standard grade boards are made of wood, which creates more points of contact for wood rot and increases the chances your columns can become affected. Conversely, our Galvanized Grade Boards are made from galvanized steel, completely resistant to moisture and insects.

Talk Column Repair with the Anthem Built Team

Your post-frame structure deserves the best wood protection and column repair in Springfield IL. Thankfully, the best repair products are readily available through Central Illinois’s go-to post-frame building supply company, Anthem Built. If you are interested in our repair products or looking for additional components for construction and foundation replacement, call
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