Pole Barn Post Repair Peoria IL
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Don’t Neglect Your Frame; Seek Pole Barn Post Repair in Peoria IL

Post-frame structures are some of the most versatile, most durable buildings you’ll find in the Midwest. From bustling workshops to simple storage warehouses, pole barns and post-frame structures are essential for many businesses and industries. These structures are even used in the residential sector as unique housing options! However, as great as pole barns are, their strongest aspect is also their one potential weakness: the frame. That’s why if you’ve begun to notice leaning or sagging of your building, pole barn post repair in Peoria IL becomes urgent. Ensure you have everything to secure your structure with Anthem Built’s high-quality post-frame repair components.

What’s Wrong with Your Building’s Frame?

Because post-frame design is simplistic, there’s not much more than the frame and foundation to provide the primary support for your structure. While this proves beneficial for contractors during construction, it means if something happens to a building’s frame, the entirety of the building will have issues. And if there’s one area of your structure where problems are likely, it’s your frame’s posts. If posts are set in the soil or near the ground, they are more exposed to moisture or termites. In turn, these factors can cause wood rot, which can severely compromise the integrity of a wood post.

What Can Be Done?

Once wood rot has infested your columns, nothing can be done to reverse it. That leaves contractors and property owners with two options: column replacement or repair (and yes, these are different).

  • Post Replacement – This process entails excavating rotting columns and replacing them with new laminated posts. Additionally, contractors can add features like concrete footings or bases to help protect the base of the new columns. While this post-frame restoration technique is effective, it’s unfortunately time-consuming and difficult to implement. As such, it’s often a long and expensive service.
  • Post Repair – Not too long ago, post replacement was the only way to reliably restore a structure’s structural integrity. Now, with Anthem Built’s unique post-frame repair products, column repair is a possibility! Using products like Repair Sleeves, Column Covers, and Repair Sockets, wood columns are reinforced by galvanized steel. Best of all, Anthem Built products don’t require extra excavation work to install.

More About Anthem Built’s Products

What building supplies do you or contractors rely on for pole barn post repair in Peoria IL? Here’s a little more information about the products part of our repair components: the Repair Sleeve, Column Cover, and Repair Socket:

A repair sleeve on a post, helping with Pole Barn Post Repair in Peoria IL
  • Column Repair Sleeve – Our repair sleeve is designed to adapt to various sizes and lengths of columns, making it compatible with any post-frame structure. Sleeves are affixed around three sides of your column, reinforcing the portion of wood suffering from rot. In most cases, our columns provide more strength than non-rotted columns!
  • Column Cover – Besides the repair sleeve, we encourage our clients to incorporate the Column Cover into their post-frame repair. Our column covers fit over the last exposed side of a wood column with a sleeve, completely encapsulating the post. Such encapsulation aims to avoid further issues with wood rot and protect and preserve the underlying wood.
  • Repair Socket – Apart from the sleeve and cover, our Repair Sockets work with columns already on or attached to a foundation. Our sockets drill into concrete and attach to the bottom portion of a column, creating a secure and long-lasting connection between the column and base. Additionally, the socket can fit over areas of wood affected by wood rot, repairing a column the same as our sleeves and covers.

Discuss Your Options with Anthem Built

The choice between column replacement or pole barn column repair in Peoria IL is obvious! With Anthem Built’s post-frame repair products, you can easily secure your structures with little extra work or expensive excavation required. If you are interested in Anthem Built’s products for your structure, find an installer near you by calling 309-463-2777. Or, if you wish to become an Anthem Built Installer, fill out our online form.