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Find the Best Products for Reliable Post-Frame Repair in Peoria IL

We love our post-frame structures! From agricultural storage to large warehouses to residential properties, these unique structures can withstand severe winds, heavy snow, and various weather conditions across the Midwest. However, even post-frame structures aren’t infallible. Post-frame repair in Peoria IL will eventually be necessary for your structure. When that time comes, local contractors and property owners count on Anthem Built as their go-to post-frame building supply company in Central Illinois. Find the best post-frame repair products by calling Anthem Built today.

The inside of a structure using products for Post-Frame Repair in Peoria IL

The Curse of Wood Rot

As reliable and straightforward as post-frame construction is, there’s little that has changed about it since the 1950s. As a result, older structures (and some newer ones) have begun to succumb to the ravages of wood rot. Most often found in the columns of your structure, its primary support, wood rot can severely impact your post-frame building’s stability. Here are some of the ways and reasons your columns are at risk:

  • By placing columns in or near the ground, anything found in the soil will begin to impact your columns.
  • Termites and wood-eating insects can be found in the soil where your columns are. By setting your columns directly in the ground, the wood becomes a buffet for pests.
  • A variety of bacteria and fungi live and thrive in soil. Bacterial and fungal growth can take hold and begin deteriorating your wood by placing columns in soil with significant moisture content.
  • While laminated wood proves more effective in combatting wood rot, even the extra protection can wear off over time. As such, laminated wood columns don’t prevent rot as much as they delay.
  • Even columns set on a concrete base can be suspectable to wood rot if there are significant levels of moisture in the air and portions of wood are directly exposed to the elements.

What Can Be Done?

As much of a problem as wood rot for a post-frame structure’s columns is, surprisingly, little can be done about it. Unfortunately, this leaves property owners requiring otherwise expensive column repair services. However, thanks to Anthem Built, now there’s a cost-effective alternative to replacing columns. One of our specialties is designing new, effective products for post-frame repair in Peoria IL and across the Midwest. See how some of our products can change the way you handle rotting post-frame columns:

A rotted post needing Post-Frame Repair in Peoria IL
  • Repair Sleeves – Made from galvanized steel, our repair sleeves strengthen and reinforce rotting columns. Our Sleeves can be affixed to any size of column and help extend the longevity of the wood without having to replace it.
  • Column Covers – Besides our Repair Sleeves, we use Column Covers to provide the ultimate protection for wood columns. Column Covers (with Repair Sleeves) cover all sides of a column, preventing further intrusion from bacteria, insects and moisture.
  • Repair Sockets – If wood rot has begun to separate a column from a structure’s base, our Repair Sockets help repair and reinforce that connection. A Repair Socket can be easily affixed to the column base set on sturdy concrete bases.
  • Galvanized Grade Boards – Unfortunately, standard wood grade boards, like columns, are incredibly susceptible to wood rot. Made from 100% galvanized steel, our Galvanized Grade Boards ensure greater stability and now wood rot for your foundation’s base.

Get the Repair Products You Require with Anthem Built

Expensive column replacement is a thing of the past! When you require practical, affordable, and long-lasting post-frame repair in Peoria IL, local contractors and property owners turn to Anthem Built. If you want to add Anthem Built parts to your next post-frame project or wish to learn more about our products for foundation replacement and new construction, call 309-463-2777 to find an Anthem Built installer near you. Or, if you wish to become an Anthem Built installer yourself, see our online form for more info.