Pole Barn Repair Springfield IL

Restore Old Structures with Pole Barn Repair in Springfield IL

As any structure ages, it tends to run into issues shared with the progression of time. However, depending on their original designs, older post-frame structures like pole barns tend to be slightly more susceptible to deterioration. For example, wood rot commonly impacts a post-frame structure’s frame and columns, causing structural stability issues. If age and deterioration have begun affecting the structures on your property, you require urgent pole barn repair in Springfield IL. Thankfully, Anthem Built supplies the components you need to restore your old (and new) post-frame buildings.

An old pole barn needing Pole Barn Repair in Springfield IL

What Causes Your Pole Barns to Degrate?

Pole barns and post-frame structures are incredibly popular among businesses and residents across the Midwest. The ease of construction, durability of designs, and versatility of structures lend to why people prefer post-frame buildings over other building designs. However, as reliable as pole barns can be, they have one significant weakness: susceptibility to wood rot. The way frames and columns were secured for older structures, and some newer ones expose the columns’ base to insects and soil moisture. Thus, the potential for wood rot is increased, which can severely compromise the safety and stability of your structure. Worse yet, once wood rot takes hold of your columns, nothing can get rid of it.

How Can Your Structures Be Repaired?

Most post-frame contractors will tell you that a column impacted by wood rot cannot be saved or restored. Instead, column replacement is recommended for pole barn repair in Springfield, IL, and elsewhere. While this repair tactic is effective, it can be costly and time-consuming to excavate and replace the main posts of your building. For these reasons, Anthem Built developed a repair alternative, allowing contractors to restore the strength of a structure without replacing columns. Such repairs are made possible with Anthem Built’s Repair Sleeves, Column Covers, and Repair Sockets.

Anthem Built’s Post-Frame Repair Products

Anthem Built designs and manufactures innovative components to streamline and improve post-frame construction. After seeing a surprising absence of new products being produced for the post-frame industry, we decided to take on the challenge ourselves. As such, we deliver exceptional, high-quality products that work! Our post-frame repair components include:

A column with a repair sleeve after Pole Barn Repair in Springfield IL
  • Column Repair Sleeves – The crux of our column repair efforts relies on the Column Repair Sleeve. Made from galvanized steel, each sleeve can easily attach to a column of any size. The purpose of the Repair Sleeve is to reinforce and strengthen weakened sections of columns, helping restore them without requiring replacement.
  • Column Covers – Besides Repair Sleeves, we recommend contractors use our Column Covers. Our covers fit perfectly with Repair Sleeves, completely enclosing a wood post with galvanized steel. The covers also strengthen wood columns, preventing further deterioration from moisture and insects.
  • Repair Sockets – If your column isn’t set in soil and sits on a concrete slab, we instead offer our Repair Sockets for repair and restoration. The Repair Socket attaches to a column’s base, covering rotted portions, and securely anchors the post to your structure’s concrete floor. Similar to our Repair Sleeves, our Sockets also help correct settlement issues.

Talk with Post-Frame Experts

Thanks to the high-quality, innovative components produced by Anthem Built, “true” pole barn repair in Springfield IL is now a possibility! To learn more about our products or find an Anthem Built installer near you, call 815-780-0206. Or, if you wish to become an Anthem Built installer yourself, fill out our online form.