Wood Column Repair Springfield IL

Find the Best Post-Frame Products for Wood Column Repair in Springfield IL

Are you dealing with an older post-frame structure that’s begun to develop wood rot in its structural support? You’re not alone! Countless property owners throughout the Midwest depend on post-frame buildings for their incredible strength and versatility. However, the upkeep of these structures is sometimes more challenging. Post-frame structures built in the 1970s and 80s are more likely to experience rotting wood columns due to age and because wood columns were placed directly in the soil. Hence, the need for wood column repair in Springfield IL and throughout the state is strong! With the right products from Anthem Built, contractors and property owners can make short work of their post-frame repairs.

A post-frame barn with Repair Sleeves, part of Wood Column Repair in Springfield IL

How Does Wood Rot Impact My Buildings?

Wood rot poses a significant threat to the integrity of post-frame buildings. This degenerative process, often caused by fungi and insect infestations, can compromise the structural strength of the wooden columns, leading to potential collapse if left untreated. Wood columns with direct ground contact are significantly more likely to be impacted by wood rot due to the moisture in soil during the winter and spring seasons. Once wood rot takes hold, restoring wood to its previous condition is impossible.

Can Anything Be Done?

Unfortunately, when your wood columns become rotted, there are limited options for restoring your building’s structural integrity. The most apparent solution is complete column replacement. While this is a service offered by trained post-frame contractors, it can take considerable time and money to complete. In addition to column replacement, you can take preventative measures when constructing or updating your structure’s frame that limit potential wood rot, such as the use of drainage systems or laminated wood.

Try Column Repair Sleeves Instead

Thanks to Anthem Built, replacement isn’t your only option for wood column repair in Springfield IL. Instead, try our Patented Column Repair Sleeve! This incredible produce was designed to reinforce existing wood columns that have deteriorated due to ground contact. The Repair Sleeve is part of Anthem Built’s extensive line of post-frame products, all created to simplify post-frame construction/repair. Additional features of our Repair Sleeves include:

  • Exceptional Strength – Each sleeve is made from 10-gauge galvanized steel, using a corrugated design for added strength.
  • Quick Installation – Our Repair Sleeves are easy to install for contractors and property owners alike, requiring minimal labor or excavation to put in place.
  • For Contractors or DIY Installations – We also provide the kits and tools you need to get the job done right.
  • Affordable – Column replacement, although effective, takes considerable time and labor to complete, costing property owners. Conversely, installing Anthem Built’s Repair Sleeves requires significantly less work, keeping labor costs low.
  • Increased Longevity – Our repair sleeves help correct settlement issues and prevent further damage to your columns, protecting the wood and extending the longevity of your structure.

Call Anthem Built

If wood rot compromises the integrity of your columns, you need an effective, affordable, and long-lasting solution. Achieve expert wood column repair in Springfield IL when using Anthem Built’s Column Repair Sleeves. Learn more about our Repair Sleeves and additional post-frame products by calling 309-463-2777. Anthem Built is located at 305 Pine St, Varna, IL 61375, serving clients throughout the Midwest.