Pole Barn Post Replacement Peoria IL

Should You Invest in Pole Barn Post Replacement in Peoria IL?

It’s not usually a question for contractors whether pole barn post replacement in Peoria IL is worth it. After all, the frame of your post-frame structure is a crucial component of its support. Needless to say, if a column has been broken or compromised, it requires replacing. However, what if there was an alternative to the standard column replacement contractors used to? Actual repair of a column is now possible thanks to the innovative products produced by Anthem Built! Learn how you can repair your wood columns by calling today.

A post-frame structure having the posts repaired instead of Pole Barn Post Replacement in Peoria IL

Where Column Replacement Lacks

As durable and long-lasting as post-frame structures can be, they all have one common weakness: wood frames. Because the frame makes up the majority of support for the structure, any issues with it prove detrimental to your building’s structural stability. Hence, why contractors say replacing a column with wood rot is necessary.  However, this replacement process requires extensive excavation of the columns, time, and materials that can quickly add up. For these reasons, Anthem Built set out to create a post-frame repair method that doesn’t require replacement.

Anthem Built’s Replacement Alternative

Thanks to Anthem Built, contractors can avoid column replacement entirely and use our innovative post-frame repair products instead. Each component is uniquely designed to work with any post-frame structure and adds the strength of galvanized steel to each of your columns. Check out some of the products for yourself to understand how they’re better than column replacement:

The interior of a post-frame structure before post repair instead of Pole Barn Post Replacement in Peoria IL
  • Column Repair Sleeve – Anthem Built’s Column Repair Sleeves easily fit onto any size or length of column. The purpose of the repair sleeve is to cover and reinforce the rot-impacted sections of a wood column. The sleeve fits around three sides of the column, providing greater uplift strength and restoring the integrity of a rotted post.
  • Column Cover – In addition to the repair sleeve, we use Column Covers when repairing wood columns. Our columns make up for the gap for the fourth side of the column that the sleeve can’t reach. This creates a complete shell of galvanized steel for your wood frame to live in. The cover adds strength to your column, but enclosing it helps keep rot from getting worse.
  • Repair Socket – For columns already attached to or sitting on a foundation, Anthem Built supplies our Repair Sockets for column repair. Our repair sockets fit onto the bottom of a wood column and screw into concrete bases, allowing for a secure connection between the post and the foundation. Furthermore, the socket covers and reinforces the area of the column affected by rot, much like repair sleeves.

Do More for Your Post-Frame Structures

Why would you continue relying on pole barn post replacement in Peoria IL when repair is finally an option? Restore the strength of rotting wood columns with Anthem Built’s exceptional post-frame building supplies. To learn more about our products and utilize them for your next post-frame construction or repair, call 309-463-2777. Or, if you wish to become an Anthem Built Installer, fill out our online form.