Post-Frame Column Replacement Peoria IL

Is Post-Frame Column Replacement in Peoria IL Your Best Option?

What’s that on the columns part of your post-frame structure? Is that wood rot? Yikes! Wood rot is a pervasive disease that can impact your post-frame structure’s supports, dealing a significant blow to the structural stability of your building. When wood rot in your columns is an issue, the only solution is often post-frame column replacement in Peoria IL. However, what if a more affordable, reliable, and less complicated alternative existed? Thankfully, that’s precisely what you can find with Anthem Built! See our selection of post-frame repair products to learn more.

Wood columns using repair sockets, helping contractors avoid Post-Frame Column Replacement in Peoria IL

What’s Wrong with Replacement?

Yes, column replacement is an effective way to restore the structural stability of a structure. By digging out and removing the afflicted columns part of your structure and replacing them with new columns using laminated wood or concrete footing, you ensure the strength and longevity of your post-frame building. However, as effective as this “repair” technique is, it isn’t a proper repair in the sense that it fixes the column. Instead, it can take considerable time and effort to completely excavate and replace rotted columns, requiring more labor from contractors and increasing costs for property owners. Due to this unfortunate side of post-frame column replacement in Peoria IL, Anthem Built developed a true repair solution for rotting wood columns.

See Our Column Repair Products

Introducing the Column Repair Sleeve, Column Cover, and Repair Socket, all integral components for repairing and restoring your structure’s posts! Anthem Built’s unique post-frame repair products are specially designed to target the issues caused by wood rot while avoiding the bloat of column replacement. Our products are made from galvanized steel, providing greater strength and resistance when applied to your structure’s frame.

A stack of repair sleeves, an alternative to Post-Frame Column Replacement in Peoria IL
  • Repair Sleeves – The Column Repair Sleeve is Anthem Built’s primary repair product. We design our sleeves to fit columns of all sizes. Affixing a Repair Sleeve to a rotting post reinforces the impacted section of the column, helping contractors avoid messy and expensive replacement.
  • Column Covers – Besides the Repair Sleeves, Column Covers help encapsulate a column in galvanized steel. Creating a secure shell for your frame’s posts increases the strength and helps protect wood against further rot due to insects or moisture.
  • Repair Sockets – Repair Sleeves and Column Covers work best for post-frame buildings without a concrete foundation. As such, Anthem Built also created our Repair Sockets. A Repair Socket fits onto the bottom of a rotting column, covering the diseased portion and securely connecting the column to a concrete base.

Reach Out to Anthem Built

Great news: thanks to Anthem Built, contractors no longer rely on post-frame column replacement in Peoria IL! With Repair Sleeves, Column Covers and Repair Sockets, contractors can easily restore the strength and stability of a structure without messy excavation work. If you want to use Anthem Built products to fix your building’s rotting columns, call 309-463-2777. Or, if you wish to become an Anthem Built Installer, fill out our online form.